Ever Wanted To See Xav’s Gaming Room? I guess if there’s a “main” picture then it would be this one, I sit on my PC chair and play games to this view everyday. I decided to cover up the plain walls with things that have special meaning to me such as Spider-man, Toy Story and Michael Jackson. The TV itself is a Samsung 46 inch D7000 with a thin bezel frame, I have a small room so I wanted the TV to display as much of the picture as it could without wasting filler space. I also wall mounted it myself, again to converse space above all else.

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ZBlacktt2117d ago

Totally love it man! If my folks would ever give me my kid pictures from back in the day. I too could post some video gaming pictures. But really liked your room and the younger picture.

Neonridr2117d ago

Wow, please tell me that is your actual bed you sleep in with the Toy Story bed spread.. lol

Awesome collection by the way.

JKelloggs2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

That Toy Story bed spread is awesome! I want me one of those :D

EDIT: If anyone is like me, here's the link

0pie2116d ago

so... whats the point of sharing this on n4g?