Microsoft promises full Web browser for mobile

Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday it would offer full Web browsing for cell phones this year, following the footsteps of Apple Inc's iPhone, which has won praise for the way it displays Web sites as they would appear on a computer.

Microsoft said at CTIA, the annual U.S. mobile show, that it will make Internet Explorer Mobile available to phone makers in the third quarter with the first phones to go on sale by year end.

Microsoft has been gaining ground with its operating system for smartphones with computer-like features such as e-mail, but it faces stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Blackberry maker Research In Motion and Palm Inc.

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sonarus4243d ago

Lets hope it makes it into Xperia X1

Cyrus3654243d ago

I think it will, as that's when the phone is scheduled to release 3rd or 4th quarter I believe.

Lord Anubis4243d ago

The PS3's web browser is that from netfront derived of cellphone/mobile devices so it's possible that the windows light web browser could make its way to the xbox 360 but not accessible in games.

Skerj4243d ago

I use Opera on my phone anyway, IE was too gimped even in WM6. What we need is for Adobe to upgrade Flash for mobiles.

Kaneda4243d ago

When they come out.. they are 1.5 year too late...

Mercutio4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

I hate the fact that XBL costs money and you can't even use the internet browser, please MS do it. for ALL 360 owners.

I don't mind because I also have a Ps3 ;)

However, its something MS really needs to do. But probaply won't because they are promoting a " game orientated console" << what about the movies on demand?

Please give us 360 owners a browser!