Pandemic expands with second Australian team

Pandemic Studios has created a second development team at its Brisbane, Australia Studios, taking the head count of the developer to almost 100 employees.

Buoyed by the recent release of the sequel to Destroy All Humans!, the Australian team now intends to create new titles for next-generation consoles.

"Pandemic's Brisbane studio has enjoyed great success with the Destroy All Humans! series and we are excited to build on our tremendous base of Australian talent with the addition of a second team," said Josh Resnick, president of Pandemic Studios.

"With the release of Destroy All Humans! 2, our Brisbane studio is now turning its attention to the development of brand new titles for next-generation gaming systems."

After eight years Pandemic has built a strong reputation working on licensed titles and original properties such as Star Wars Battlefront and Mercenaries.

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InMyOpinion4471d ago

Why did you tag a Mass Effect pic to the story? You should have had a Mercenaries pic if any.

InMyOpinion4471d ago

I wish they'll make a D.A.H.-game for the next-gen systems as well.

Yo Wassap4471d ago

Did they change the pic because the one i'm seeing is from DAH. I didn't even know they had released a sequel, talk about quiet.