Prince of Persia will be back on mobile on July 25th

Today, Ubisoft® announced that the legendary Prince of Persia series will come back on mobile devices with Prince of Persia® The Shadow and the Flame on July 25th on iOS and Android devices, through Google Play and Amazon, at a price of $2.99.

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Goro1960d ago

Was hoping for a next gen PoP, how disappointing

Godlovesgamers1959d ago

Ubisoft needs to take a break from milking AC and work on making some new PoP games for next gen. Ive recently played through the trilogy as well as PoP and Forgotten sands and I have to say that Forgotten Sands is the best of them by far.

Neoninja1959d ago

I respectfully disagree with your opinion of the Forgotten Sands being the best in the series. However I do agree Ubisoft needs to take a break from AC and do something with Prince of Persia.

Godlovesgamers1959d ago

Id be curious to know why you don't agree.

It had great visuals, the princes real voice actor returned, great and new ideas for puzzles, a great addition to combat which was never better and one of the most epic last boss sequences I've ever played period. The story was a solid part of the trilogy as well. It was a far more true representation of the original creators vision of the game as well.

If you think that the abomination that is Warrior Within or the uninspired Nolan North PoP was superior than I really have no desire to continue an argument for why Forgotten Sands is the series best.

Neoninja1958d ago

I did like parts of Warrior Within, but I don't think that one is anything to brag about.
With Forgotten Sands it just felt rushed to me, I didn't like the combat, the story, it just didn't feel like the previous PoP titles. Which considering since it's another chapter I suppose it shouldn't. I felt the puzzle were lacking as well. My major grip was with combat though. It just seemed more or less like you swing your sword and the enemies just fall over. I just thought it needed more depth or something.

My personal favorite out of the entire series is Sands of Time. I like the how the puzzles were set up, the voice acting, the combat, etc. I just fell that the sequels, good in their own respect, never fully did what Sands of Time did.