New GRID racing footage has obtained a fresh clip from the upcoming racing game GRID.

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Rick Astley4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

30 fps, piss poor graphics, easy to control cars, arcadey physics..

This looks like DiRT 1.5 on the Wii.

- Rick rolling since 1966

Daz4484d ago

30fps. so every game at this is crap?

GRaphics. Looks ghoood enought to me or am i missing ssomething?

cars and physics. They made this game fun , a break from the sims . Cant we have a fun game now?

Gt fanboy?

Asurastrike4484d ago


Not all games need 60fps. But when the standard fps for racers this gen is 60 (See GT5, Forza, PGR4)it is a major disappointment when this game can't manage it.

Also, the graphics are hardly better than DiRT.

iAmPS34484d ago

The car moves like the needle on a compass, plain lame.


Antan4484d ago

"Not all games need 60fps. But when the standard fps for racers this gen is 60 (See GT5, Forza, PGR4)"

PGR4 is 30 fps.

sonarus4484d ago

i think racers need 30fps because of the intense speed. It is funny how dirt was supposed to be the "gran turismo" killer. lol funny indeed

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Blademask4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

and it looks that GRID is following the same path! Thats great man this is going to be such a fun racer. Not so much online, I can see the little kids eyes widening after seeing bumpers hanging off and flying hoods lol..

I just HOPE that they let you use a G25 wheel for the PS3 version.

And where are all the people that were hyping how epic and legendary GRID's graphics were? You know, everyone that said it trumps GT5p? Vacation?

ichimaru4484d ago

Cuz forza had 360 frames per second on thier physiscs engine, and the team put a lot of time making sure that the cr physics were on par to thier real life counter parts,. the physics were really good, and on the sim side it was an awsome racing sim, not to mention everyone can tetufy (who has played it) to it's fun factor. Dirt's physics were pretty good too

Blademask4484d ago

DIRT is better.

I'm sorry if you cant see that.

Daz4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

You dont do reserch do you?

FOrza 2 is aloud damge but no bending of pillers because of resons you should know.

But dirt was aloud as much damage as they can.

All legal resons m8. Thats why gt propely hanst got any, to much time to get pemission from mangerfacters for a dent lol

JOLLY14484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

there are 360 calculation per second on the physics. The reason that the Forza team added Sebring raceway to their game is to show off the physics. Most games do their physics calculations at 60 frames per second, but Forza is 360. The reason they did that is because at 60 miles per hour (pretty slow) you travel 14' in one second. Now if you calculate that with 60 frames in that one second you travel around 3" that makes it very hard to accurately produce things like cracks in the asphalt and rumble strips. The other game developers sort of have to smooth out everything to fit in those parameters. Forza however, is calculating around every 1/30th of an inch. That is why the physics calculations are so important.

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GCO Gamer4484d ago

What is this game about?

Is it like Dirt?

gEnKiE4484d ago

Looking forward to this game! XD

mistertwoturbo4484d ago

Probably going to pass this one up. People were complaining GT5P had any content for $40, when it has 70 cars, 1 sports bike (CBR 600), and a F1 Car, 1280x1080p resolution @60fps, 6 tracks plus 6 reverse, plenty of events, online drift trials with leaderboards, and better physics.

So why don't folks complain that GRID has only 50 cars for a full $60.

And personally, I hate arcadey simulator racing games. It sucks as an arcade racer, and it sucks as a simulator when it comes to physics. They need to make up they're mind which one they want it to be.

Much like PGR, they're goal was to make it an arcade racer with great visuals and pretty much succeeded. As well as Forza 2 which aimed at being more of a simulator and less visuals and they succeded.

GRID = Fail

shine13964484d ago

the sports bike was an april fool's do realize that?

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