Why Microsoft's Windows is Safer Than the Apple's Mac

Mac users have long gloated that the Mac OS is safer than Windows. The gloating should stop: There's plenty of recent evidence that Vista is, in fact, a safer operating system than Mac OS X.

The most public piece of evidence is the recent "Pwn to Own" challenge, in which security pros were issued the challenge of trying to break into three laptops, a Mac, a PC laptop running Vista SP1, and a laptop running Ubuntu.

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fenderputty4248d ago

aren't this back and white though. There's this gray section in which the Windows OS owns most of the market. Hence ... more hacks/viruses are made for Windows since that's where most of the PC users are. This might all change if Mac's continue to gain private market share but, the business market is still going to be dominated by MS for a while.

decapitator4248d ago

"This might all change if Mac's continue to gain private market share but, the business market is still going to be dominated by MS for a while."

Completely agree with you. They seem to be gaining it at a much faster rate than while Microsoft their share at a much quicker rater.

sloth4urluv4248d ago

I agree, who is going to waste there time to annoy the minority?
As macs become more popular osx will develop just as many exploits as windows.

I dont really see what this has to do with gaming. I do find it funny though that the majority of the sony fans in here are quick to talk smack about windows just because its a microsoft product. Im sure a large majority of them are running some version of windows right now.

Im not too sure about macs, they run pretty solid and stuff, but thats mainly because they dont really have to worry about compatibility. Making a stable os that is compatible with a wide range of hardware is rather difficult. If I got a mac im not really sure what I would do with it besides surf the internet and type some documents, most of the software I would be interested in using is for windows, so why would I want to pay more money for a product that im going to get less out of?

xhairs4247d ago

It's called N4G, News 4 Gamers. However, this article is under INDUSTRY if you look at the top, meaning Operating Systems Industry. Wow, people like you are incredibly ignorant. You made a great point and then had to throw in the "you know people who are such sony fanboys blah blah." And the funniest part about this whole thing, SONY ISN'T EVEN MENTIONED!!! Not even someone in a comment mentioned Sony. Jesus you make me glad I'm still in college...

mirroredderorrim4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I dunno about Mac. But because of Vista, I had to disassemble my entire computer, twice and I had to send back and reorder the same parts just to make sure it wasen't the parts. Vista was really F'ed up when it came to clean installs on new parts bought with consideration for the next as well as for Vista/SLI compliance.

Point being: not even carefully planned events are safe from B.S.
I'm now using an Imac that I bought during the frustration.. I think I'll wait on a stable OS from windows or just switch to XP:SP2,
Edit: - before I put my PC back together.

Adriokor4248d ago

If you got a mac, i doubt you will want to go back.

wow4u4247d ago

If you have that much trouble, perhaps you should buy a Lenovo, HP, Dell or other machine.

I've built 3 machines with Vista (i build boxes for family/friends) and have never had a stitch of an issue. Of course, in the early days, Nvidia was neglecting their Vista drivers, so I avoided them.

But, Nvidia is finally starting to take some ownership for the problems they have been causing. They're promising better things w/ their next drivers.

Bleucrunch4248d ago

everyone knows that windows aint safe who are you tryin to kid???

IntelligentAj4248d ago

Well if you take the time to optimize and protect your PC it's just as safe as Mac's.

jaja14344248d ago

*According to the article* by everyone, you mean those who are either so biased against MS they can't see the truth or are so in the dark about information they just follow the crowd...

drewdrakes4248d ago

Ive never got a virus, maybe youre retarded?

Valin4248d ago

OSX is much harder to program hacks for, therefore it takes hackers more time and since they have a smaller market share, less penetration. E.g The reason hackers go for windows is because it's easier to infect more people. Also with leopard I don't have to click 'Yes, I want to proceed with this action' every minute.

Rice4248d ago

u kno u can turn it off...

jaja14344248d ago

How does it take more time/effort if the system was hacked in 2 minutes?

K1ng0fG4m3z4247d ago

Just to clear the fact when you said "Yes, I want to proceed with this action" you dont need to press it everytime if you look is clearly has a box that you can checking saying "never ask again".

DJ4248d ago

Well it asks Permission to do something every 5 seconds, so I'm sure it's secure. Hell, sometimes it even asks permission to ask permission. =P

wow4u4247d ago

You can turn that off. Secondly, OSX is simply a FreeBSD fork, it you wish to run UNIX on the desktop, GNU/Linux is a much better option.

Save much $$$. No $130 yearly 10.x updates. No overpriced hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.