Loot Ninja Editor Hospitalized in Nintendo Wii Accident; Prayers Are With His Family

A Loot Ninja Employee was severly injured in a gaming accident last night. This is his story.

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drunkpandas4484d ago

Miraculously, the Wii remote still works, according to hospital reports

taz80804484d ago

but is now a different color...

drunkpandas4484d ago

I don't care how many Wii remote condoms you put on that thing, I wouldn't be touching it ever again

Timesplitter144484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

well I don't think anyone would touch a wiimote with a condom on it...

- Hey dude! Let's play Smash Bros! Here's your controller!
*shows wiimote with condom on it*
- Let's not

taz80804484d ago

It could have been much worse, he could have been playign with the Zelda extensions and gotten a shield lodged in place, he would be pooping pancakes for the rest of his life.

fiercescuba4484d ago

I was the one who had to go to hospital. The look on his wife's face was very solemn. This isn't funny guys. He cried in my arms. I was there.

eagle214484d ago

Wii care if it's true. (get well bro....)

Wii don't if it's fake. (yeah, april fools)

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The story is too old to be commented.