New Haze Screenshots

Here are some new Haze screenshots from Free radicals website, enjoy

sonarus5954d ago

lol yea. These don't looked touched up either.

Cwalat5954d ago

indeed it doesnt look touched up a bit...
guess the Delay really treated them right...

BrianC62345954d ago

It looks like the delay will end up worth it at least. The screen shots look great. Hopefully the finished game will look as good. And play even better.

prunchess5954d ago

I'll definitely be buying this game the day it is released. I have such a pain in my arse with COD4. The single player is great but the online action is ruined with all the bugs and glitches. I really hope haze turns out to be better.

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Rick Astley5954d ago

Lol April Fools joke? These are old.

decapitator5954d ago

They new actually. The look like screens from the co-op mode or from the multiplater maps.

picker3325954d ago

Rick Astley:No they are not.
But some are.

Anyway i don't know what to think about this game really???

Asurastrike5954d ago

These are old, and touched up.

My interest in this game went away when it's release date was announced in be in betweem GTAIV and MGS4. lol

TheExecutive5954d ago (Edited 5954d ago )

some of these look like MP screens; actually most of them do.