Mark Rein "blown away" by 50 Cent

CVG writes: "We all wondered what the "fantastic" UE3 game was all about at Swordfish Studios, when Epic VP Mark Rein said he was "blown away" by an early preview last year. It turned out to be 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and as it happens, game director Julian Widdows was well chuffed by the comments.

"When we heard he was coming we were like 'oh no, we're gonna get killed!' But he was over the moon, we're chuffed about it," Widdows told CVG in an interview.

'We're obviously an Unreal Engine 3 licensee and he just came in for a visit and said 'oh my god, I can't believe you're working on this, it looks phenomenal'. That was it; it wasn't anything particularly formal, he came in to say hello to his licensees and was blown away by it. That was great for us.'"

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Fishy Fingers3855d ago

I can be the greatest visuals money can buy, I just detest the source material.

Each to their own.

decapitator3855d ago

"fiddy is going to try and make his game be awesome.......or he'll die trying" - decap.

PStriple7033855d ago

what eva, i'm not buying this game

GCO Gamer3855d ago

I would be blown away to 50 cent is one of the best rapper alive.

ThaGeNeCySt3855d ago

thank God today's April Fool's Day or else I would have taken you seriously.

fenderputty3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Lesson ... if it's mainstream, it isn't the best there is. Every member of Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang and The Roots is better. Anyone old enough to know these lyrics from Busta?

"Watch, as I combine all the juice from the mind
Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind
Powerful impact BOOM! from the cannon
Not braggin, try to read my mind just imagine
Vo-cab-u-lary's necessary
When diggin into my library
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Eating ITAL stew like the one Peter Tosh-a
UH uh UH, all over the track, man
UH, pardon me, UH, as I come back
As I did it yo I had to beg your pardon
When I travel to the Sun I roll with the squadron
RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW like a dungeon dragon
Change your little drawers cause your pants are saggin
Try to step to this, I will twist you in a turban
And have u smelling rank, like some old stale urine
Chickity-choco, the chocolate chicken
The rear c0ckdiesel but chicks they were kicking
Yo, bustin out before the Busta bust a nut the rhyme
the rhythm is in sync (UHH!) the rhymes are on time (TIME!)
Rippin up the sound just like a radio
Observe the rhyme and check out the scenario!!"

Then there's J-5, blackalicious, etc etc etc. Hell ... there's even underground white dudes that rap better.

ThaGeNeCySt3855d ago




one of my favorite cuts from Leaders of the New School

deeznuts3855d ago

fenderputty, don't hate on 50. Ok hate on him, I've been sick of him for a while now, but don't sleep on his pre GRODT stuff. Go download Power of a Dollar Guess who's back etc. yall. 50 was fire back then.

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Asurastrike3855d ago

I'm still waiting for a Kanye West RPG.

JOLLY13855d ago

is a whiney little man!

fenderputty3855d ago

The "Bastard Glock of Speed and Power"

Upgradeable gang weapons FTW!

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