Sony Ericsson Confirms Windows Mobile 6.1 will run on XPERIA X1

Sony Ericsson today confirmed that it will be running Windows Mobile 6.1 on its stand-out arc-slider phone, XPERIA X1, the innovative multimedia phone announced at this year's Mobile World Congress. Using Windows Mobile 6.1, together with Sony Ericsson's unique XPERIA panel user interface (UI), will enable a highly user-focused experience with enhanced connectivity, messaging and multimedia features.

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Bladestar3853d ago

sony using a microsoft OS? how can that be? ohh I know why! business!

decapitator3853d ago

I know right. It's all about the business...:)

sonarus3853d ago

lol. That is as silly as saying why do sony vaio's come packaged with vista.

Regardless i am going to buy it. Anyone have any clue on the msrp? I currently bought a useless phone and i am under contract so i won't be looking to buy it unlocked. Hopefully it won't be to expensive but this is my next phone. Sony ericsson makes the best phones imo

cmrbe3853d ago

MS and Sony are not fanboys.

niall773853d ago

MS and sony are big companys, they fight on one front and team up on another.

Bleucrunch3853d ago

I hate windows mobile! maybe they should incorporate the RIM system into their phones or even NOkia's are the most user friendly.

wow4u3853d ago

You "hate" anything made by MS. Take it to the open zone >

Oh, and RIM doesnt license their OS.

Zancruz3853d ago

I'll give my girlfriend away for that phone.......

dronde3853d ago

anybody knows if this phone will connect with the ps3