WoW Trojan Problems in Patch 2.4.1

A handful of people on the US official forums are reporting trojan issues when downloading patch 2.4.1.

As someone pointed out, Blizzard rarely release a patch that ends in .1, and there's the added "coincidence" that it's 2.4.1, note the date. Obviously Blizz would never worry their customers with a joke like this, but no one's sure what's going on right now. A Blizzard poster has confirmed that 2.4.1 is genuine, but people are still experiencing trojan warnings.

Update: has been contacted by a number of forum users who assure them that the warning is a false positive, brought on by over-keen Anti Virus programs. If you do receive this warning during/just after downloading patch 2.4.1, rest assured you probably have nothing to worry about.

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Leord4475d ago

This is such a sucky joke, if it should be, I can't believe Blizzard would do that. Seems more likely to be someones mistake, or a false positive.

It is "impossible" for Blizzard to release a patch with virus, but it was "impossible" for Titanic to sink as well.

Leord4475d ago

Oh, cool, can anyone make updates? I didn't do the last one...