The Showdown: does the Xbox 360 need Blu-ray?

Ars Technica writes:

"The Showdown returns. In the Showdown, we pick a topic, flip a coin to see which side each OT writer gets to argue, then present it to you. Today we discuss whether or not the Xbox 360 needs a Blu-ray drive."

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Shadow Flare4242d ago

Nope because its dying this year anyway

eagle214241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

And 720 is such a lame name by the way. :)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 24241d ago

It's like Flogging a Dead Horse!!! ;-D

TheEndzor4241d ago

The Xbox360 will definitely be on track to defeat this year but i wouldn't go as far to say it will die this year

Blu Ray is the future format for all games and movies.

Games are already pushing the 50gb button eg mgs4/resistance 2. games like this cant be logically ported to the xbox unless you want 6-7 discs for a game?

As games get bigger and bigger Microsoft will have no choice imo.

As for movies... Dont really need to go in depth.. The quality of a bluray vs a compressed HD download speaks for itself...

sabbath4204241d ago

why do you want the xbox gone? does it harm you or your ps3?

MrBii4241d ago

"Need" is not the right word here. Because they are obviously not getting it. Even if they needed it to cure their disease rotten vista with it.

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ichimaru4242d ago

Just when you thought the stories were dead.... i thought we read all of these during the week of Toshiba's surrender. Microsoft has answered NO!. i think an external drive would be kool. but internal drive is a no

sonarus4242d ago

They probably don't need one but they probably want one and so do their fans.

MrBii4241d ago

"Want" is not the right word here. And neither is "need". Because its not in their hands. They are obviously not getting it.

The negotiations failed months ago. They arent getting it regardless of the fact they need it or not.

wageslave4241d ago


No thanks. I stopped buying plastic discs during the days of Napster.

I get all my media via Digital Distribution. As do hundreds of millions of others, half the traffic of the internet is media distribution, it aint going away.

No more dusty disks for me.

deeznuts4241d ago

MrBii, what are you talking about? There is nothing stopping MS from just buying drives from the multitude of BD drive makers, such as Liteon, LG, Philips, Pioneer etc and making an add-on.

kapedkrusader4241d ago

After buying Warhawk from the PSN I was very satisfied with the game and still am. But, there is that bothersome reminder in the back of my mind that if I ever got tired of it I wouldn't be able to sell it or trade it in. Then one day when I was telling a friend how good it was, I couldn't even lend it to him. Digital distribution has it's place for demos, trailers, and rentals. But otherwise all the DRM that comes with it will get to your nerves.

chaosatom3334241d ago

Microsoft is never going to built a internal blue-ray player because it's going to alienate the gamers!!

Exclusive titles won't use that space because it has to work on everyone's console.

External would be a good option, but they don't have to rush it. They are making enough money as it is.

player9114241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

That is exactly what they want. They don't want you to lend out your games or movies. If someone wants to watch it... they want them to go rent it or go buy it.

That really is a downfall for convenience. But there are lots of ups. No media to break, lose, or scratch up. It saves you trips to the store to buy new games/movies/media.

As for a Blueray drive for the 360... ehhh. Microsoft is pushing hard for direct downloads and can already get the latest movies on demand. I think bringing out an attachment would hurt their long term goal.

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DJ4242d ago

But Microsoft has too much pride and is too short-sighted to see anything other than their own Live download service, which still has a pretty paltry offering and major DRM issues. They need to look long term and entice people right now with Blu-ray, while at the same time improving their Live movie service in order to expand their audience.

wageslave4241d ago

"microsoft has too much pride and is too short sighted".

How can that possibly get so many agrees? Microsoft is a _corporation_, they dont do "pride", they cut their losses and move on.

And, who has ever accused them of being "short sighted"? They employ more PhDs than any other entity on the planet. They spend tens of billions on research every year.

I understand you want to smear MS every chance you get DJ, but be realistic.

DJ4241d ago

Too much pride: Only supported HD-DVD, which was the only HD movie format that relied on their OS and codec technology. Refuse to support competitor's product, despite the potential of boosting sales.

Too short-sighted: Felt that 1080p was not necessary. Felt that HDMI was not necessary. Sell over-priced accessories in order to make a quick profit, which in turn pushes potential customers away due to the fact that their direct competitor (Sony) does no such thing.

jaja14344241d ago

HDMI is not necessary for one. Sure it's damn nice to only have one cable instead of 3 or more but it is far from necessary.

They only supported HD because when the 360 was in development, HD was the only format, so it would be kind of hard to support BR before it is even out.

And as far as extra stuff goes, well the HD is very much overpriced as well as the WiFi, but we just say that because we have no clue what it cost them to make. Anyways as far as the normal stuff goes, controllers headsets and such, both MS and Sony have around about the same prices so...

Richdad4241d ago

Great profit like 400 $ 360 I mean if I get a next gen video game system at such a low price I dont mind abt HD. Also I am a gamer I spent 7 time more times in game then on movies and I dont like to pay 200$ extra for HD videos when I watch it so less.
Better they give a external drive for enthuasits but most 360 audience are gamersnot movie watcher Idont know how many people will buy it for that price. It not gonna be cheap agree Sony has its technology thats why they where able to give it cheap in PS3 but its not gonna be cheap on 360.

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CNIVEK4242d ago

...and not wanted. By the time it COULD be "needed", MS will have it's next console on the way.

meepmoopmeep4241d ago

it's not needed but i'm sure some 360 owners would like to have the option of one if they don't feel like getting a standalone or a ps3.

rawd4241d ago

I'm bored of these articles.

How about, "Does the PS3 need HD-DVD?"

wageslave4241d ago

The built-in capacity for this site to raise any anti-Xbox 360 article is amazing. Over and over and over and over we get the same idiotic junk articles.

kapedkrusader4241d ago

The PS3 will be able to play HD-DVDs and VHS tapes with the next firmware update.

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