GT200 becomes GeForce 9900 series, dual-core action?

"Several sources are reporting on the upcoming GT200 core from NVIDIA, which will be named GeForce 9900. The stories don't match though, when it comes to the specifics. While Expreview claims that GT200 will become the 9900GX2 and 9900GTX, VR-Zone says GeForce 9900GTX and 9900GT. None of them are very specific when it comes to the exact specifications. A user over at Chiphell is though. He says that GT200 will in fact be a dual-core GPU based on the G9x architecture.

While we're certain that the GT200 is hot and will be a huge chip. It looks like it could very well be a dual-core GPU. The users says GT200 is really two G94 chips slapped together, which means that there is a total of 64TMUs, 32 ROPs and 128 shader processors. It would also result in 512-bit memory bus and more than 900 million transistors. Hot in every sense of the word.

The launch date is suppose to be early Q2.

Alas, apparently still no DirectX 10.1 support. "

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