Fallout 3 Will Be Game of the Year in 2008

You heard it here first. Forget about GTA IV. Forget about Gears of War 2. Forget about Metal Gear Solid 4. All of those games are going to be awesome, yes. All of those games are going to sell millions. But one game from Bethesda Softworks is going to rise to the top in 2008 and claim the crown for game of the year. That game is Fallout 3. As creators of the critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda has firmly established itself as one of the leading RPG game designers on consoles.

Currently in development for the Xbox 360 and PS3, Fallout 3 is set in the United States after a nuclear war in the year 2077 kills almost everyone on the entire planet. After the nuclear fallout, only a handful of humans who took refuge in Vault 101 in Washington DC are thought to have survived. For 200 years Vault 101 has remained closed…awaiting the day when it is safe to emerge into a world that is completely decimated, and where radiation has mutated those who survived outside the safety of Vault 101.

For in-game images and video check it out.

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Rick Astley4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

I don't doubt it but MGS4 is already GOTY for me.

mikeslemonade4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

It's going to be either MGS4 or Killzone 2. I say this because those two games have been in development for the longest and are built from the ground up for the PS3.

Fallout 3 is multiplatform and I doubt it will get released in 2008 it will get delayed to 2009.

Capt CHAOS4476d ago

it's a big budget release..

sonarus4476d ago

Well regardless the competition this yr will be tough. I don't thing it will be Gears 2 because this will be its 2nd outing on the next gen systems. MGS4, Fable 2, LBP, Fallout 3 to me are the top candidates. It will probably go to fallout too. Since it is multi plat they wouldn't want to upset any fanboys lol

The Closing4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Didn't they say they were just wrapping up Fallout 3 or close to it, and it's to have 200 endings or something crazy like that? Actually here's a quote,"Todd says the game is finished and on track for Fall 2008, but needs a ton of testing and polishing." If anything Killzone 2 will be pushed back to 2009.

I think Fallout 3 will have a hard time getting GOTY since Bioshock pretty much won last year, and there are a lot of caparisons to be drawn. Kind of a steep hill for it to climb, but it looks up for it I suppose.

Either way MGS4 will be GOTY in my mind I'm sure.

barom4476d ago

oh I don't know. I really think MGS4 has a really great chance of getting GOTY. They are basically doing a lot of stuff new. Regardless, 2008 is a great year for gamers.

jiinn4476d ago

Killzone 2? Are you kidding me?

Guerilla Games has only ever made one other game, Killzone 1. It has a metacritic score of 7/10.

Are honestly expecting KZ2 to be better than Fallout 3? You know Bethesda Softworks is responsible for The Elder Scrolls series -- currently, Bethesda Softworks' Oblivion IV is the second best game available on the PS3 (at 93/100 second only to CoD4's 94/100).

Fallout 1 89/100
Fallout 2 86/100
Fallout 3 ?? but certainly more than KZ1's 7/10.

IntelligentAj4476d ago

Isn't a little too early to call this GOTY?

JsonHenry4476d ago

StarCraft 2 won't be game of the year? Or does this only take into account Multi-plat games?

Richdad4476d ago

1000's of site awards GOTY where, all the AAA games are gonna be GOTY somewhere or antoher. Portal also had GOTY award somewhere.
Also the major holder of GOTY in most site has always been unpredictalbe like SMG, Bioshock this year.

mikeslemonade4476d ago

What bethesda game hasn't been delayed atleast 2 times and this is multiplatform so it's harder for them to finish.

Yep, keep downplaying Killzone 2 because that will work to its advantage. Games that take the longest to develop and cost the most money usually will turn out good. Killzone 2 and MGS4 are the safest bets for 2008. GTA4 is also a safe bet but its coming out too early and by the end of the year the games will be way more technologically advanced than GTA4. Fallout 3 will not make it this year!

The Closing4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

You truly have no clue what you're ever talking about. "Guerilla Games has only ever made one other game, Killzone 1."

Guerilla games has developed, Shellshocked, Killzone, and Killzone Liberation. As well as developing 4 other games under the name Lost Boys games.

Do some research before spouting off garbage because you seem to like to do that a lot.

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SeanScythe4476d ago

littlebigplanet, R2, Killzone2, GeOW2, GTA4, & MGS4. I don't think it will be that easy to say who this years GOTY is.

Sayai jin4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Great choices and my mooney would be on some of those, but who knows. We could have another sleeper like Bioshock for either console.

On topic, it would be interesting to see a multi plat be GOTY.

Really though it is hard to say, becuase it is still early in the year. Never the less it will be another great year for Gamers.

BigKev454476d ago

GTA IV will be or Gears 2.

Fishy Fingers4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

It certainly got its work cut out, if it hopes to beat all the amazing looking titles dropping this year.

But if anyone can pull it out of the bag, it's Fallout.

Rest assured, I'll definitely be giving it the chance to prove itself to me :)