First Banjo plot details revealed

Rare's posted the first plot details from Banjo on its site, VG247 reports, although the true information is hidden among four other "rumours".

"Ever seen a Jinjo Tank? Or Grunty's Grappling Grenadier Grunts? You will when you take on our innovative RTS-platformer hybrid campaign," said Rare.

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UnblessedSoul4487d ago

Yeah I played Banjo on N64 when I was 11/12, I don't understand the hype for this game

Shaka2K64487d ago

Regarless this game banjo game was a huge flop this doesnt look any different and the game will be boring.

predator4487d ago

im guessing you both dont like R&C then no?

banjo is one of the greatest platformers out there, tell all the adults still playing Mario games you can only be 12 to play

Rhezin4487d ago

yah I guess R&C is outta the question for you guys then. Get out sony scum

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The story is too old to be commented.