XBOX Live Marketplace Update (Tuesday 1st April 2008)

As previously announced, an Army of Two demo is available to download from the XBOX Live Marketplace, as well as three sets of gamer pictures. Here's the full list for Tuesday 1st April 2008:

Name: Nick Busby InkBlots #2 Gamer Pictures
Price: 60 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

Name: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Picture Pack Elite
Price: 60 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

Name: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Picture Pack
Price: 140 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

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BigKev453878d ago

Army of Two demo? That game came out a min ago. Not a great update.

mariusmal3878d ago

the army of two demo doesnt have the so called region lock. im from europe and i played hours with my friend from usa. we both wanted the game... we remembered that the retail version has region lock. i wont get this one until they remove the region lock. we both want it so we can play together.

jinn3878d ago

the day i sold my copy. lol