Sony 'Upping The Ante in HD' With Bravia W4000 Series 1080p LCD TVs

Sony is upping the ante in the high-definition LCD TV stakes with the launch of its Sony Bravia W4000 Series 1,080p screens.

The four W4000 screens will range from 32in up to 46in. Onscreen images are processed by Sony's Bravia 2 engine and all the displays have an HDTV tuner.

In addition to the HDTV tuner, the screens come with a DVB-T digital TV tuner and Sony's own AVC-HD (advanced video encoding) tuner. These give consumers access to a broad range of TV channels with no need for a separate set-top box or external tuner in order to access terrestrial HD programmes. The inclusion of a cable TV tuner also marks out the Sony Bravia range from other HDTVs.

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Harry1903877d ago

this tv.but mines quite good enough.oh how cruel.
am i being greedy?

BrianC62343877d ago

But is it HDMI 1.3? How come they never list the version for HDMI? It's about time to start moving to 1.3 on all TVs. The PS3 uses 1.3 but it seems most TVs probably still use 1.2. It mind not sound like a big deal but HDMI 1.3 is a lot better since it allows a lot more data to go through.

decapitator3877d ago

Sony impressing once again. Nice TV.

Harry1903877d ago

going at it,considering that they want to beat Sharp
which is currently the no1 lcd tv maker.
with their new oled screens,they could get a headstart.

decapitator3877d ago

They always do. People just take them for granted.

SafeRat3877d ago

So many mistakes. I've been following all Sony's 2008 range, and there's some blatant mistakes there.

1) 'The four W4000 screens will range from 32in up to 46in.' - It's 32" to 52"

2) 'Sony’s own AVC-HD' - Sony do not 'own' the AVC-HD technololgy, mnay other manufactures have this in their new models.

3) 'On all except the 32in entrylevel 32W4000 model, these technologies include 10bit signal processing and the HDMI (high definition media interconnect)' - Two mistakes here - Firstly, the 32 inch does contain HDMI (4 of them infact), and secondly, HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface - duh :P.

4) '...feature known as Sony PhotoTV HD on the 40in, 42in and 36in models' - Sizes are 32 in, 40 in, 46 in and 52 in.

Tut tut, some people... :P

mirroredderorrim3877d ago

Bubbles for you. And.. [email protected] HDMI? (high definition media interconnect)?!

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