Rumor: EB/Gamestop workers fired if PS3/Wii listed on eBay

EB/Gamestop corporate overlords are tracking eBay PS3 and Wii sales, with the promise of termination if an employee-bought system is listed.

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THWIP4474d ago

...and borderline illegal. What someone does with their $$ is their own business. I think as long as there are morons out there willing to pay 2-3x over retail for something, rather than wait a few months for supply to catch up, a person should be able to take advantage of that stupidity and profit from it....if they want to. :|

ScorpioKyle4474d ago

we were threatened with that at toysrus, but i doubt they are actively browsing ebay.

Tut4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

The whole point of this is because the employees get first shot at any consoles that come through before the public does. So, in my opinion that is fair enough that they be relieved from any position they might hold if they immediately ebay the unit. It is a far different thing if a consumer does it, but because the employees had first stab at preorders it makes it unfair to the consumer.

Not anymore though, right? =)

I don't see how this news is important to the public though, but whatever.

cheetorb4474d ago

Gee, what would you expect from a glorified pawn shop. I've worked at one and they could care less about the customer, employee, and product. It was all about the almighty DOLLAR. Every penny, every customer, every time, was their moto. Too bad the PS3 won't play used games like rumor had it. It would have been nice to see EB and Gamestop gone. No more "where your trades dude!" or "How about buying this worthless add-on or this one or this one."

ElementX4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

I don't think it's lame. If a store employee is purchasing a preorder to make money off of it, then that's wrong. What if the employees are the first ones on the list and they're the only ones who get systems on launch day? They're using their status as an employee to be first on the list and make personal profit. The systems should go to people who actally want to play PS3 and not put it up for auction.

THWIP4474d ago

Considering the weak launch lineup, there's not much reason to buy a PS3 at launch to "play PS3"....ESPECIALLY when you could sell it, make a paycheck's worth of profit, and still afford to buy one later when there are more games.

ElementX4474d ago

The point of my comment is the fact that employees shouldn't be using their employment status to make personal profit. I'm a security officer and even in my employee manual it basically says that we're not allowed to make personal profits due to situations which arise as a result of our employment.

Boink4474d ago

what an employee does with their own product that they purchased with their own $$$$ is none of the companies business.

jees, what is it with the ps3 that is turning companies into pricks?

sony shutting down importers, going to court to prevent other companies from bringing it to europe, other companies not giving employees discounts on. people being fired for selling their own products...where does it end?

"tha ps3 is the tool of the devil bobby"
"but momma"..
(waterboy refernce)

rj814474d ago

So these guys making minimum wage can't earn a little cash on the side? LAME!

Krimson4474d ago

Sure they can... I think the point is, if you want a system just to ebay, get in line like everyone else.

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The story is too old to be commented.