Play3-Live Previews The Getaway 3: Impressions Included

French site had the opportunity to move over to England for a special occasion following an invitation by SCEE London Studio.This morning we invite you to read their preview & impression's of the game.Here are some brief thoughts as follows:

-Immediately, the quality of the graphics in(The Getaway 3)is superb 'dazzling' The enviromets are superb, but it's mostly the effects of lights that leave us open-mouthed!

-The Cars (still under license) are superbly modeled, a bit lesser than those of Gran Turismo, but just about the level comparable to a Colin McRae DiRT Racing car model.

-A slight blur effect has been added to give an impression of greater speed which clearly fits well during driving!

-Car damage has been improved and we would often compared it (The Getaway 3 )to Codemasters Rally simulation.

-The Getaway 3 will have no online modes, because according to the development team, it has no place in a game of this sort.

-About 40 hours of gameplay in total, not counting side missions and special vehicles to locate in the various large cities or towns, as the scenario of The Getaway is taking place in London but also in Amsterdam.

-Other information include, the team expects to link up the 3 games story wise (The Getaway, The Getaway Black Monday and Gangs of London) since the adventure takes place a few years before the first Game.

-Over 3 years in development have been necessary for such graphics rendering.The game has been in development since late 2004 & beginning of 2005.

-The music will be more varied than before.The game will also be more mature than it's predecessors, and 18 + will be recommended.

-There will be (for each playable character) his small home where you can store weapons, cars, and bank notes in a small trunk. No planes or helicopters are playable, but boats yes! The game is taking place (around the end of the story) in the winter, snow! Also, if you are caught, it will be Game Over, and it will resume from the last checkpoint.

-Finally, your atrocities will be identified(taken into notice) and if you are too violent, you will see your face on posters or TV (WANTED).In other words, must refine your crimes and avoid leaving traces.

So much for the "essentials" information on the too discreet game(The Getaway 3), which should be available by December.we were impressed by the hands on presentation and suggest that this series of Sony may well be greater than GTA IV in terms of graphics rendering and technology, especially as the characters are supremely modeled with real time climate conditions change.

See you soon for images and videos. Many thanks to Sony for that nice presentation.

Please note:I left out impressions of the storyline which takes place just after the E3 2006 trailer.Follow link to read more on that

See you soon for images and videos. Many thanks to Sony for that nice introduction.

Read the article, which I take with a grain of salt myself,and advise everyone to follow suit since it's 1st of April , It's from a reliable and well respected site hence it's degree of authenticity.


This article has been confirm fake (April Fools ).Apologies from play3-live Team

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slapsta724242d ago

bout time we got info on this game

been far too long

cellypower4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

No online modes What! If Sony no what I know online is very important nowadays.There still in development hopefully they will add it later.

SRuN44242d ago

Why must a game have online these days? Did it hurt Bioshock? No.

I just laugh when I hear people say games like God of War, Uncharted, Bioshock, etc. should have online play just to have it.

sonarus4242d ago

i don't think online should be there just to have it but if naught dog focused a reasonable amount of time into their online mode, i think they can make something pretty decent out of it.

Online mode effectively separates certain games from being rentals so it is really a question of sales, Its very rare to find a sp only game selling upwards of 2 million

SRuN44242d ago

So take away time and resources from making an excellent single player game to make an average single player game, with an average online game? Yeah sounds like a real winner in my eyes. How does a average game with both sp/mp become a better buy than a excellent single player game?

stuntman_mike4242d ago

completley agree with sRuN4 no single player game should be under done for the sake off multiplayer. i still see multiplayer as an add on in most cases unless the game is geared towards multiplayer, but uncharted, the getaway and such games dont need it, multiplayer would add nothing to these types of games.

sonarus4242d ago

look at sales. Bioshock, mass effect all great games but fell to lack of online. I personally don't even try online on a lot of games after i am done with SP. But there are ppl who make great online and great sp. I expect Getaway to come away with online especially now this has been confirmed as fake

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sonarus4242d ago

well doesn't sound too bad. Actually sounds pretty good. No online may be a mistake though after ppl see gta4 but since they aren't going to be in direct competition considering the time between both releases, maybe getaway may have a spot on my shelf

fenderputty4242d ago

launches at about the time that GTA4 DLC content will hit XBL. If eigjht Days (protector or whatever) is also released around then, it's rather apparent why Sony doesn't care about the extra GTA4 content. It looks like they're hoping new games will pull a larger number of users then the DLC will.

Exhaust4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Atleast not me. I'll be playing The Getaway but I'm not expecting it to be close to GTA IV. The previous The Getaway games were pretty graphics and horrible gameplay when compared to GTA.

People should just let The Getaway stand on its own and leave GTA IV out of it.

Mentioning GTA IV and hyping it as the GTA killer like they always have will mean disgrace for The Getaway. It can't match GTA IV features for feature. Graphics are great but don't trump everything.

While I agree online mode SHOULDN'T be seen as a requirement if you're comparing GTA IV to The Getaway thats just another feature it can't make up with better graphics.

sonarus4242d ago

no one is comparing getaway with GTA4. Personally i havn't played any of the games i never fell for the hype. However maybe team soho has finally gotten their game together. I like pretty graphics just as much as the next guy but if the game isn't fun then that is just too bad. Considering GTA4 and The getaway are the same type of game, it will show what a standard hard drive and blu ray can do for an open world game. That is pretty much all i am waiting to see.

Fishy Fingers4242d ago

This and 8 Days (or what ever its called now (Protector?)) are reasons why GTA IV's DLC is going to be wasted on me.

Cant wait, will be a welcome change to have a great game set in my old home town rather than the states.

Harry1904242d ago

not every game needs online.

sonarus4242d ago

Not every game needs online but sony needs to be showing their online powers more than msoft. If GTA4 and saints row can pull off online, so should getaway

Tesla4242d ago

Not every game should have forced online. There are plenty others with online. I prefer single player games, anyway.

Fishy Fingers4242d ago

"If GTA4 and saints row can pull off online, so should getaway"

Why? I'm actually interested.

RiseOfMonster4242d ago

but haven't they always been more story driven than GTA?

If the story is good and the single play experience is great; games don't need a tacked on multiplayer. I'd rather they've put all effort into single player.

Most recent example I can think of is Bioshock.

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