Windows XP Second Edition in the works - Vista gone?

Well, on April's Fools Day, everything is possible. German Vista Magazine reports today that Microsoft is delivering a premilinary version of Windows XP Second Edition to certain testers. XP SE is the same move as with Win 98 SE when Win ME failed to impress the market.

Other features of Win XP SE include Pay per module (OS without any application as the EU demands for) and Direct X Live (cross platform Direct X).

Unfortunately, this is the first of April :=)

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Extreme_Coolcat3949d ago

The guys at Vista Mag did an English version as well


Amp3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

for a lil kid, your command of the english languaue and computer skills is impressive! BTW, thanks for the link!!

Extreme_Coolcat3949d ago

You can't start too early these days! =)

BigKev453949d ago

I guess this is the site to avoid today, with all the April fools news.

Squeezle3949d ago

I expect to see lots of phony stories (more than normal, that is). Hopefully we can all have a good laugh at some of them.

TheEndzor3949d ago

Would be nice if true =(

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