New Street Fighter IV Unlockables

Straight from Capcom's official Japanese SFIV blog, it's a special message from SFIV's always-charming project manager, Shiozawa-san:

"Hello everyone!
Its been so busy here lately, I'm beginning to become a bit absent-minded here.

Today, I am glad to introduce you to a Hidden Character in Street Fighter IV.
Actually, I wish I could formally announce this information, but I can't show that much yet so this will have to suffice… sorry!

Feast your eyes on this!
This is one Street Fighter IV's Secret, Unlock-able Characters, Sheng Long!"

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Yi-Long4483d ago

... when EGM did it 15 years orso ago(!)

Now? Meh.

Escamotage4483d ago

I remember that issue of EGM. Even though it was an April Fool's joke, I never really got that illustration of him out of my head. They certainly get some great artists do draw Sheng Long for 4/1.