Slim PSP Beaten By DS Lite in Extreme Testing

Broken Review recently put the PSP Slim & Lite through its brutal testing procedure which included the "extreme" test, where the PSP is dropped from 50 meters high and run over with a motorcycle. The PSP did not fare too well, only receiving 65/100 overall due to the screen and UMD drive both failing the extreme testing. Overall they found that the PSP had far less protection than the DS Lite which is filled with protective layers and scored 85/100 overall.

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decapitator4480d ago

So many wrongs with this video. These people must be really heavy on though man. wow.

BrianC62344480d ago

What a dumb review. And a dumb site. I guess if you're eight years old and can't take care of your things maybe this matters. I'm a lot older than that though and care about things I pay hundreds of dollars for. I doubt we'll see much from that site in the future. Does it even deserve to be posted here?

TriggerHappy4480d ago

pffft...I love my PSP way too much to subject it to this kind of abuse.

decapitator4480d ago

They way too much money I guess.

Massacre4480d ago

Man, people are too damn rich now adays..*sigh*

SKUD4480d ago

That video was a PURE WASTE OF TIME!. Thanks for nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.