Why the recent TechARP 9600GT review is biased writes "It really gets under my skin when reviewers skew a product in a better light by omitting small details here and there. Don't get me wrong here, i agree the 9600GT is a great budget card, but this reviewer can really talk up a product by glossing over weaker points and emphasizing stronger ones."

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theox2g73855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

this guy is total douchebag, he is right on the money though about the price difference but that will change very soon, note that we're comparing launch price to reduced/discounted/non-retail price so the difference is minimal, Going by MSRP, $250 vs $180 is a pretty significant price differennce if u ask me for pretty close performance at lower rez, try comparing them in a few months when the 9600gt drops to the sub $100 zone, there's nothing skewed or wrong with the review, you can't make an apples to apples argument with 2 different classes of cards, you have the x600gt cards that are cheaper lower end cards for lower resolutions and the x800gt/s cards that are affordable medium end for higher resolutions, you can't compare the two classes directly, the point of the review was to show that there has been a vast improvement for the 9 series in the x600gt version and it was show to that it could somehow compete with 8 series mid end cards at it's doable resolutions, it's a logical comparison, wait for the 9800gt/s to come out b4 u make an apples to apples comparison at those monstruous resolutions, just compare 9800gtx that even sometimes outperforms it's predecessor 8800gtx in sli and has a way cheaper launch price, the 9 series isn't as bad as naysayers/ati fanboys expected it to be

HoboGamer3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Fair enough point about lower resolutions, in the end it's really dependent on what resolutions you want to run, go with the 9600GT if you are content with lower resolutions, go with 8800GT if have anything bigger than a 19" widescreen.