Nintendo debunks "Wii Want More" DLC press release

According to VG247, Nintendo UK has debunked the Wii Want More service as false. A recent "press release" claimed the Nintendo was to launch the initiative in May, offering DLC for 27 games at launch, including Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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DanteLinkX4250d ago

Who actually believed this for more than 1 minute? (Well I did at first, but then I looked at the date and I was :(, a LOT of friends of mine have called me from everywhere telling me that finally Nintendo is incorporating DLC into their games haha.

BlackIceJoe4250d ago

I thought every one thought this was false seeing as Nintendo said when asked if there would be downloadable content for the game. Nintendo would say no. But this was though one April Fools Day joke I wish was real.

ItsDubC4250d ago

I thought it was a pretty good April Fool's joke. It would've been more believable if a hard drive for the Wii was part of the announcement.

am2pmsurfer4250d ago

April Fool's jokes always suck. I think the developers should really read all the jokes and try to do accordingly - most of them are great ideas, just like the Wii DLC here...

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