1080i support for PS3 Paradise – it's April the 1st, but we're not fooling around!

Criteriongames reports:

We've got a stack of posts on the forums about yesterday's 1080i story! It seems a few of you don't believe us.

I guess that's the problem with posting on April 1st, but when it comes to enjoyment of Burnout Paradise in high def – we never joke around.

We set up this site, so we could listen to you – the fans – and respond to your requests. We want to bring you the news direct and as it happens, so if that means posting on 1st April then that's what we'll do.

We want to talk directly to you guys and be THE source for the most up-to-date and accurate information on our games and how we build them.

PS3 1080i support is real and working and will be available as part of the Cagney update.

Here's Paradise's expert on this subject, AlexF to give you a little more detail on how this happened:

"With the latest SDK Sony freed up some memory. We've upgraded to this SDK and made use of the extra memory to scale the 720p game to 960x1080 as part of the very final post-process render stage in the game; this 960x1080 video mode uses the PS3 hardware scaler to upscale the image horizontally to output at 1920x1080.

"This scaling process in Burnout costs a very small amount of frame time (under 0.4% of a 60hz frame, which we can afford without dropping frames) since we're going to a larger number of pixels, but it enables those with 1080i TVs that don't support 720p to play in HD.

"We really hope that this new option in 1.3 helps those people (with 1080i but not 720p-capable TVs) to enjoy Burnout Paradise in HD!"

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MaximusPrime4244d ago

in that case, developers of ps3 games (older ones) should take noticed of what criterion has done.

Lifendz4243d ago

That one song by the Avril chick is uber annoying.

Exhaust4243d ago

Really. I about crapped myself when I was ripping through the streets of Paradise City and heard "Hey, Hey, You, You I don't like your girl friend"

I threw up a little inside my mouth then hit the button to change the song in a panic causing me to wreak into on coming traffic...

LJWooly4243d ago

Haha, that's exactly what happened to me, I nearly fell off my chair (I always lean back while playing games, at least, I used to...).

Why did they make 'Girlfriend' the loudest song in the game?

At least you can turn it off :)

Cwalat4244d ago

for the doubters...

the smart thing would be to check it out if its legit or not before saying: "april fools" right ?

Drekken4244d ago

Great news on this shady day... I question EVERYTHING on this site today!

Antan4243d ago

"uses the PS3 ***hardware scaler*** to upscale"

Very intersting.

Silellak4243d ago

We've known that the PS3 has a hardware scaler for some time.

The difference between the PS3's hardware scaler and the 360's hardware scaler is that the 360's is automatic and doesn't cause any performance problem when upscaling from 720p to 1080i, while the PS3's hardware scaler has to be manually controlled by the individual games.

So, if a certain company doesn't support 1080i on a certain game, and your TV only supports 1080i, you will be stuck at 480p for that game. Whereas the 360 hardware scaler handles the upscaling regardless of the how the individual games are written.

nirun4243d ago

good reply. i didn't know that.
pop open that bubbly

LJWooly4243d ago

Sillelak's earning back those bubbles fast :)

Another bubble for you, Sillelak, my good sir.

DRUDOG4243d ago

Well this is great news for those folks whose HD sets don't support 720p. Thankfully I don't have that problem, but I know a few who do. I wonder though, if 720p will still look better than 1080i. Progressive normally looks better in video games vs. interlaced, although I noticed no significant difference in Assassin's Creed.

LJWooly4243d ago

Well, 1080i is better for picture quality, while 720p tends to be better for fast movement. So, 1080i should look better, but for a game as fast as Paradise, it may be better to stick to progressive.

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