New Mass Effect PC Gameplay videos has found two gameplay movies from Mass Effect, this time showcasing the PC version of this popular game released for Xbox 360 in November 2007.

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PS360WII4251d ago

yup looks like the 360 version, but looks like you can do more squad commands and I really like the macros for the abilities. That should make combat even more intense rather than pausing the action to use them.

deeznuts4250d ago

Funny, because the PC is single handedly keeping me from buying a 360. Sure there are some games I would like to check out that are not on PC, but the big ones are. Gears of War (yeah I haven't played it yet) Bioshock and Mass Effect.

VirusE4251d ago

I just finished mass effect on 360 Saturday and I have to say THIS GAME IS FLIPPING AMAZING! Hands down one of the best stories I have ever seen in a game or a book for that matter. When the game changer happened I was floored. Sovereign was cool as hell looking and the space battle at the end put many sci fi movies to shame. If you have not played this game you are cheating yourself. Games this good don’t come along that often. I would honestly put this in my top 10 fav games of all time. The last time I remember being this caught up in a games story was when I play the first metal gear solid game.

kwicksandz4250d ago

Mass effect is an awesome game, very cinematic. i love sci fi and wish people would make more games like it!

VirusE4250d ago

Kwicksandz who is your avatar? My brain is crapping out. Is that JC denton?

Glad to be a gamer4250d ago

I also think the last time ive been so caught up in a story was mgs1.Haven't finished Mass effect yet but even after 15 hours im completley hooked. loving it.

4250d ago
PR0F3TA4250d ago

wait, what ever happened to 360 Exclusive?? Whats a good reason to own a 360 if the PC gets the games aswell...

and PC gaming is not dead... there are over 100 million PC online players at a given time worldwide, compared to consoles 10 million users. Online gaming STARTED with PC and i'm sure it will die with PC (whenever that is)

all this console DLC and Mods you people crave was started by REAL gamers moding their games and making new maps, all for free and all for fun and respect. I remember making a moded map in Duke Nukem 3D, so to say PC gaming is dead is kinda bullsh*t

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