Intel sales up, AMD's down

Guardian writes:

"It's a pretty safe bet that if you were asked to name the leading chip manufacturer, you'd guess right: it's Intel. If you were asked for the top three in this $274 billion market, you'd probably get the other two wrong. They are Samsung Electronics and Toshiba. Hard luck if you said Texas Instruments: this once mighty chip giant is now in fourth place with sales worth $11.8bn, according to Gartner's latest list of The Top 10 Worldwide Semiconductor Vendors by Revenue Estimates.

Intel is top by a wide margin, with sales increasing by 10.7% to $33.8bn. Toshiba ($11.8bn) has just jumped into third place with 20.8% growth. It benefited from increased sales of the Sony PlayStation 3."

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decapitator3855d ago

How did the PS3 help help Toshiba out ? I thought if anything, it hurt them on the format war front ?

no_more_heroes3855d ago

remember they developed the cell with Sony and IBM.

decapitator3855d ago

Ah yes yes. Of course. Thanks.

fenderputty3855d ago

that's what I was thinking the whole time. lol

Who woulda thunk it?

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Harry1903855d ago

competitors one day,allies the other.

decapitator3855d ago

Its so Ironic my friend, but you are definitely right.

deeznuts3855d ago

As the Corleones once said, this is strictly business. Not personal.

eagle213855d ago

Playstation 3 is about to BOOM baby BOOM!!!

TheEndzor3855d ago

Playstation 3 works on so many levels

PR0NE3855d ago

correction my friend: nothing personal, any way don corleone sends his regards, that reminds me, i can't wait to get to play mafia 2, it stands there just beside mgs4, maybe a little bit less...

deeznuts3855d ago

"Michael Corleone: [to Sonny] It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."

But hey, what's a technicality amongst family eh?

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