Blu-ray Adoption Rising Fast, Thanks to PS3

With the confusion of Blu-ray Disc's format war with HD DVD now gone, 29.4 million homes worldwide will adopt Blu-ray by the end of 2008, new research claims.

Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) game consoles are driving the adoption of Blu-ray and will continue to do so through 2009, when stand-alone players finally become the dominant form factor, according to research released last week by the Strategy Analytics connected Home Devices service.

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decapitator4243d ago

These guys are normally right. They first reported of the Xbox 360 price cut and shortly after that, it was officially announced. For this one, I really don't know what to make of ?...

fenderputty4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

The PS3 sold 10 mil in it's first year. It's safe to assume that it will sell more then that this year. It's already started off 5 times better then it did last year. There's some big hitters this year as well. Not to mention the further adoption of HDTV's and the need for HD movie players growing this year as well. I think 29 million is just about right. It's a mixture of mostly PS3's with some standalone players.

What needs to be noted is, that if most of the players on the market are PS3's, then it's safe to assume that not everyone of those 29 million players have a TV's capable of playing BD movies.

crunchie1014242d ago

Somehow I doubt it.

It's not exactly..hilarious, is it?

fenderputty4242d ago

has already made a prediction like this a couple of weeks ago. I don't think this type of news is really April Fools worthy.

Fishy Fingers4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

PS3 is pushing BR adoption and Blu-Ray adoption is pushing the PS3 (i think that makes sense).

And at one point in time people claimed BR would be Sonys/PS3's downfall.... get that egg off your face yet?

TheExecutive4242d ago

lol people are idiots. I tried and tried to tell them that once hddvd was gone bluray and the ps3 would have a symbiotic relationship but no one listened and look at where we are today. I cant wait for the big hitters for the ps3 brand to hit.

Fishy Fingers4242d ago

lol, I hear that. Still i think "idiots" is a bit harsh, you have to realize that not everyone here is mature enough to look at things sensibly when bias obviously clouds their judgement, some are just to young and naive to waste your time with.

rawg4242d ago

It was ballsy to include BR with the PS3 but the bet paid off and sales of both platforms will increase with the side benefit of encouraging more people to buy HDTVs and 7.1 channel sounds systems, which Sony also makes. Good for them.

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whoelse4242d ago

"13 million game consoles"

I think this statement is way off! It has already sold around 11 million. Maybe they are talking about US only but i would be very surprised if the PS3 doesn't sell more than 24 million before the end of the year worldwide!

WAR_MACHINE774242d ago

they mean 13 million PS3s sold this year (not sure if they mean US or WW, but WW makes more sense). So they are predicting 22.5-24 million sold LTD by the first of the year.

whoelse4242d ago

Oh right which would be around my estimate :)

TheExecutive4242d ago

which is exactly where the xbox will be. Think about it though, if GT:5P is making this big of a splash imagine when the HEAVY hitters arrive.

People are just waiting to have a reason to buy the PS3.

whoelse4242d ago

I agree that both consoles will be at the same level at the end of the year, but the PS3 will be way ahead of the 360 by end of 2009.

50mil vs 35mil?

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Kaz Hirai4242d ago

This must be a slap in the face of you IMBECILES who doubted Emperor Kutaragi's genius!
Guess what, PIGS? The future's Blu!


SPARTAAN4242d ago

damm i miss ZHUK now he and KAZ are the best combination

Sir Ken Kutaragi 24242d ago

Keep kicking there Butts King Kaz!!! ;-D

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