FFXIII recording reveals voiceovers

This is a Final Fantasy XIII blow-out, folks: It started two days ago with a fan recording of the plasma screen outside the closed mega theater, and today we are proud to give you a sound recording from inside the closed mega theater during TGS 2007, which reveals the game's voice actors for the first time. Note the Final Fantasy XIII trailer starts at 0:18, the first 18 seconds of the recording are from Advent Children: Complete's trailer, which was aired before.

Here's a summary of the recording, translated by Hido:

[0:30]...[0:33]: Their kingdom... shall fall
[0:33]...[0:35]: Will you trust me?
[0:35]...[0:37]: They search for me
[0:37]...[0:40]: Dialogue -- First woman: Who are you? // Second: The rebel leader.
[0:58]...[0:59]: She's alive!
[1:05]...[1:08]: Will you not help to save the planet?
[1:09]...[1:13]: We shall call you... the destroyer of worlds
[1:18]...[1:21]: They are coming for us now...
[1:22]...[1:24]: What did you think? They will hunt her down, genius


April Fools! Like certain people have guessed, this is indeed a joke. Thanks to Kyle from FXN for editing the file at 4 AM, and being the mastermind behind all of this. The plan was this: We chose a random Japanese movie trailer and edited the background music, so it will sound as if it was recorded in the closed mega theater. Kyle then added the crowd sound from the trailer released two days ago, and the ending of the real AC: Complete trailer to make it a bit more reliable. It was then when I added a "translation", I tried writing a text that's as fitting as possible to what we know of Final Fantasy XIII's story. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it. See you in a couple of hours when the new Weekly Famitsu issue is released, it's going to be an interesting day, so stay tuned!

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UnblessedSoul4247d ago

Japan voice actors sound awesome, I doubt we will be able to switch between english and Japan though :(

Fishy Fingers4247d ago

I'm not sure what your trying to say. Are you saying you doubt the EU version will have english audio? If so i find that hard to believe.

Cwalat4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

its not quite right there my friend,
If they are doing english voice overs than the english voice overs have a script to read right ?
would it be that hard to put the script/subs digitally into the game while having Japaneese voice overs ?

So i wouldn't count it out completely...
but since i know how careful they are with the game and its gonna be a systemseller, this little feauture will be implemented...

And i personally think Japaneese voice is much better, not because i dont understand a thing, but becuase these are the voices the creator intended for the game, so thats the nr 1 choice i want to experience...
Japaneese Voice with English subs FTW..

UnblessedSoul4247d ago

No I'm saying I don't think there will be an option to switch between English voices and Japan voices with subs in english. So we will just get english voices instead

Fishy Fingers4247d ago

ah that makes more sense, and your probably right. Guess it depends on how much space they take up on the BR. You never know, if there's space you may get your wish as its quite a popular request.

MADGameR4247d ago

The english version will be still as good. You're just one of those idiotic ANNOYING Japanese wannabies. The japanese version will basically sound like an asian. Nothing unique about it

Bebedora4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

The english voicea acting is terrible when you compare to the japanese ones. Yes, there is an option in that game to switch to japanese voices with english subs.

I would love to be able choosing this. Feels more to the point of what emotions enix wants to bring out of the characters.

picker3324247d ago

English voice actors in ff is so bad,well not ff7:ac but that's becouse i heard it before the japanese voices.

But crisis core,uhhhh!

BilI Gates4247d ago

FFXII had great English voice acting.

Lucreto4246d ago

SE learned from Level 5 show to do good voice acting. DQ8 has the best voice acting I ever heard.

Britjadg4247d ago

voice acting isn't that bad? i could quite happily sit through all the FF's since they introduced it back in ff10. the only guy that i have found annoying to date was wakka, but after a while it became endearing.

personally the worse voice acting i came across was in Enchanted Arms. now theres a RPG that you would want to sit through with subs. the voice acting was terrible! and the script was appaling.

cant wait for this game though, its pretty much my whole reason for buying a ps3 - that and gt5 / mgs4.

BeaArthur4247d ago

Clearly you never played Lost Odyssey because that game has some of the worst voice overs I have ever seen. I mean we all know when it is changed from Japanese to English that the mouths and the words don't sink up correctly, but on top of that they had some of the worst voice actors and dialogue I have experienced to date.

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