Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Sells One Million Sold In Six Days

PSPHyper reports: "Capcom announced the sales figure for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, which went on sale last Thursday and it's one cool million copies sold in the first six days. Making it the fastest selling game in the series, really impressive since it's not even a full game for the 1.7 million gamers who already own Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.

Retailer site Sinobi put the first day figures of MHP 2ndG at 670,000 copies, including 17,000 Hunter Pack G which comes with a special edition PSP. The amount is slightly higher than MHP 2nd's 512,000 copies whose record of best selling PSP games in Japan looks vulnerable now at 1.7 million".

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Asurastrike3855d ago

"Sells one million sold"

lol Engrish

eagle213855d ago

awesome news. Capcom, please look at this as a reminder of...hint, hint... :)

v1c1ous3855d ago

bring mh3 over to xbl/psn.

you know you want to...

shysun3855d ago

And it's not coming to PS3........ bad move! :(

djt233855d ago

and i have a copy of the game because i download it

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