GT5 Prologue Becomes the Fastest-Selling PS3 Title

Videogamer reports: "According to Chart-Track, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has debuted at the top of the All Formats All Prices video game chart, knocking Rainbow Six Vegas 2 down a place to No.2.

GT5 Prologue becomes the fastest-selling PS3 title in a single week and the 19th overall best-selling title on the console".

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Fishy Fingers4485d ago

Is this just Blu-Ray sales then?

Sorry to ask, i cant view VideoGamer on my work connection. Thanks.

SPARTAAN4485d ago

only sony has the data on the number o people who downloaded gt5:p

shine13964485d ago

is this the first ps3 uk no.1?

HighDefinition4485d ago

I can`t wait to see this weeks EU hardware numbers!

LOFT3164484d ago

Was sayin a little while back that they need to sell a million on the first day of release
Well i dont think there's any need to worry

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xhi44485d ago

imagine Gran Turismo 5 sales then!

yanikins1114484d ago

It is a demo, and it is very very not bad.

TheHater4485d ago

This isn't even counting the amount of people that download it. And it only for 2 days of sales.

TheHater4485d ago

it seems that we have a fanboy with three of his/her accounting going around and disgreeing with everyone. Congrats, you hit looserville

leon764485d ago


Montrealien4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

yeah, it is amazing, love this game.The only thing missing is car dmg and more options to avoid online pinball racing. It would be perfect.

Crazyglues4485d ago

Surely you can just look at GT5P and see it's like nothing we have ever seen it gaming. The detail is just unreal especial when playing in 1080p on a Plasma or computer monitor. It's just unreal.

Then add the fact that it's from the Best Racing game franchise of all time.

-if that wasn't enough for you to just pick this game up then I don't know what's wrong with you. At 70 cars 16 online at the same time with 5 tracks playing at 1080p & 60fps what more do you need for a Prologue.

To the true Racer and novice this should be countless hours of fun just trying to beat your own time or one of your friends... Me and my bother went back to back trying to out-do each others time on that track that Came with GTHD.. In the end he killed me off with a 1:13:11 time using automatic that I just could not beat no matter how hard I tried. -Surely that's worth the price of admission.

kenjix4485d ago

April is going to be an expensive month

GT5 Prologue
2x Dual Shock 3

Here comes the BOOM!

TheHater4485d ago

Doesn't the KAAAAAAA comes before the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM? lOL

ukilnme4485d ago

I've never played any of the GT games. Are they really that good?

boodybandit4485d ago

or the KAAAAAAAAAAAAA-LM before the STORM!
The hurricane is arriving and it looks to be a category 6

Primetimebt4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

If you never played GT I suggestion go rent GT3, than get GT4. I never liked the playstation brand (was a Sega fan) until my friend was playing this game GT3 on the PS2. If you're not into cars than it may not be the game for you but if you someone who likes cars and has that urgent to put the pedal to floor in a car of your dreams than you will love GT theer is no other game that comes close to what GT offers.

nix4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

ok... this game looks real, sounds real, feels real and works like real. it's not like NFS series or Burnout where you fly around the city using boost. personally, i never took previous GT series that seriously, meaning i never played it properly apart from few races.

but this one is like awesome. in-car view is the best! you can actually hear the wind blowing, tyres rolling (same as you would in real life) while driving at more than 100 miles/hr. i keep shaking myself to remind myself that it's a game. it's THAT GREAT!!! q:

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