Wii Won The Battle, But Wii Lost The War

Rus McLaughlin of IGN has posted a very interesting feature story over at IGN Insider discussing the fact that despite the Wii's undisputed dominance in hardware sales, Nintendo's console is not winning the console war and that the Wii itself is to blame. The lack of games that actually take advantage of the Wii's unique motion control is cited as the biggest downfall of the console amongst others.

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ChickeyCantor4477d ago

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But really......why cant we just wait till the end of a year and see how things are going.

These " i know why it wont win" articles are getting tiresome.

fenderputty4477d ago

will not be the Wii's true test of longevity. Once the PS3 and 360 reach affordable levels (200 bucks), then the race is on. People I know that bought a Wii have grown tired of the system mostly because there's a limited amount of quality games for it. All of the people I know who own one, except one really casual gamer, plans on getting another one of the systems when the price drops.

I don't think anyone can take away from the Wii's success. It's clearly kicking ass. I just think things can change for the Wii once the other players starting hitting the mass market as well. Right now ... they have that market all to themselves.

ChickeyCantor4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

All im saying is that We should wait for the dn of the year because then we can see how everything went.

" have grown tired of the system mostly because there's a limited amount of quality games for it."
that is now, who says its the same in the end of this year?
( see where im going? )

if we keep getting the " it will win/it will lose " crap every week it will be getting pathetic.

i could only read the first paragraph and to me he just changed his opinion because he didnt wanna be the guy who was " wrong ".

fenderputty4477d ago

but, what would we talk about then during the slow news weeks? lol

mikeslemonade4477d ago

Wii is winning right now and will continue to Win unless PS3 can do something about it and I don't care how you spin it. The number of games bought is spin because 360 is a year old so of course the library of games is much larger and games are $60 on 360 and $50 on Wii.

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Harry1904477d ago

got a long way to go still.

Montrealien4477d ago

wow, I would never register to read something like this. In the eighties Videogames where a Fad, now the only company that has really been there since day one always turning profits and making money for the past 30 years in videogames and for the past 100+ years in the playing card business is being accused of being a fad?

Writer is a noob.

M_Prime4477d ago

Nintendo makes money on each console and we know the WII is cheap and easy to produce. If they are working on a HD WII2 (it will suck cause gatta buy new console) but with Nintendo its pretty backwards compatible so any game we have bought won't be in vain.. so in the end maybe the PS3 or 360 will be around longer and sell steadily for a longer time, but by then Nintendo can jump out ahead of the pack with a new console..

I mean MS looses money per console
PS3 is a 10+ year plan
WII is Wii.. its winning now.. if it looses it already surpassed a lot of the other Nintendo consoles.. it beat GC.. and that is a good sign.. also there is a new market now..

i'm just happy i get to play all the cool games.. i don't care who wins or looses... well there is 1 thing i care about.. since i owned the GC, i hope it does not go down the same road.. the GC lacked variety f games and games in general that it coulda had like godfather and scarface.. but i got em now on the WII.. :-)

IntelligentAj4477d ago

Where have you been at both the 360 is selling at a profit on each console and the PS3 has broke even on each console sold. And the reason why he's saying this is, I would guess, the Software sales for everything except first party titles and niche games(Wii Fit, etc..)

PS360WII4477d ago

Yeah while the war is still being battled out no one can say the Wii didn't do it's part already. They were making a profit on day one and has still been selling off the hook for 70 some weeks. That's winning a war if I ever heard one. Doesn't matter if some don't like the games what matters is the bottom line and that's been all gravy for some time. Well that and at least I'm enjoying the many Wii games I have ^^

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