GameTap: We Love Golf Preview

The Wii is pretty much your go-to source for zany motion-controlled party games and games featuring beloved Nintendo icons. Beyond that, there isn't too much, and even in the field of sports games, which one would think are a natural fit for the Wii remote, there are few legitimate contenders. Even golf, a genre that should have a bajillion crappy variants of, only has the original minigame bundled with Wii Sports, Tecmo's Super Swing Golf, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Enter Camelot, the developers of the original Hot Shots Golf for the PlayStation and the main crew behind the Mario Golf series of games. Teaming up with Capcom, Camelot is looking to make the definitive golf title for the Wii via We Love Golf.

Out of the box, We Love Golf will be one of those zany cartoony golf games that has a host of varying modes to play through. These include tournament play, pro play, and even mirror and character matches. There will also be a host of minigames, such as a strokes game, a ring shot mode and a target golf mode. These take place over eleven courses: eight long courses, two short ones, and a single putting course.

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