CVG: Dynasty Warriors 6 Review - The problem with Chinese history is there's just so much of it

CVG writes: "That's right, kids: there's a full moon in the sky, so it must be time for yet another Samurai/Dynasty Warriors game! But wait; after numerous identical sequels, all of which looked and played like something that had oozed out of both ends of a hungover PS2, Koei has finally got round to updating their formula for the current generation of consoles.

In recent months, we've put the boot into these wearisome hack-'n'-slashers for their stuck-in-the-mud gameplay, but they attract a small but fiercely loyal following in the west (no one review is more liable to fill an Xbox World staffer's inbox with abuse than a Dynasty Warriors massacre). So let's give DW6 a fair crack of the whip by simply reporting the facts. After all, you might like it. We used to know a girl who dipped chicken nuggets in fudge sauce; stranger things have happened."

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