Interview: Somatone's Kane Minkus and Nick Thomas - Somatone Sounds Off

Somatone's partners on the evolution of music games, creative freedom and game audio's crossover with film. Some people consider the music and the games industry to be in competition. Do you see it that way, or do you think that there are now more opportunities for the two to work together?

Nick Thomas: I think they are competing only in how any media competes for the entertainment dollar that's out there. In that sense, movies, CDs and gaming all compete with one another for where people choose to spend their recreational dollar.

I think gaming actually is starting to encroach upon some of those other industries because they are giving a lot more for your dollar. You get a lot more entertainment from a $40 game than you can play for 30-40 than for a movie which will be over in 2 hours but will cost you $15 if you want to get some popcorn. Or a CD which may or may not be any good - particularly if you can buy a game that has 40 songs you already know you like on them that you get to listen to and interact with.

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