By the Numbers: A Game Release Every 276 Minutes

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "According to Next-Gen's research and analysis, the industry could see 480 games released in the fourth quarter of 2008 – or a game every 276 minutes. Matt Matthews looks at the evidence...

Typically the industry releases around 20 percent of the year's console and handheld software in the month of November. That didn't happen in 2007. November was still a big month, but October hosted 20 percent of the year's game releases.

Even if we look at the raw figures instead of percentages, the change is obvious. November releases dropped from around 200 games in 2006 to nearly 170 last year. At the same time October releases increased from 160 games to nearly 220. (In fact, October 2007 may have had the most releases in a single month in the history of the industry.) The change did not affect the prevalence of fourth quarter releases, either – the percentage of games released in the fourth quarter stayed roughly constant.

So why was October 2007 so big?"

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decapitator4251d ago

Fascinating stuff there. I never knew this.

CNIVEK4251d ago

...only about 10% of those will be worth playing. :o

4251d ago