1UP: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Preview

1UP writes: "So how in the hell did Fiddy and his G-Unit cronies end up firing grenade launchers at shrouded insurgents in some sandy hovel half a world away? As it turns out, 50 Cent himself demanded a change of pace for his second interactive outing. "50's involvement has been pretty extensive this time around," says Producer Aaron Blean. "He really challenged us to create a more compelling setting, and he didn't want us to limit it to a simple run-and-gun game. He felt like he'd been there, done that already." To even call this effort a Bulletproof sequel does it a disservice -- while 50 and his crew portrayed fictional characters while shooting up that game's gritty urban environments, here they're simply playing themselves.

That doesn't make this game's premise any less fanciful, though: 50 and his buddies fly to some vague Middle Eastern country to play a benefit concert, get stiffed for their payment (a diamond-encrusted skull, no less), and end up embroiled in a massive firefight with several warring factions over the aforementioned bling. Along the way, expect plenty of pithy quips (all recorded by 50 and his posse) and, according to the producer, perhaps even a little romance (50 falls for a shorty in a burka?). Are the GUnit guys in over their heads when it comes to dabbling in international conflict? Probably, but it's definitely a fun and unexpected "fish out of water" turn for Curtis & co. to take. "Basically, just expect a fun crime story," Blean says. 'Think of it as Three Kings meets Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.'"

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M1am1U4249d ago

Looks like I'll be picking this one up for sure. *end sarcasm*

socomnick4249d ago

Do we really needs news about this lame ass game.