Rumor: Halo 3 Demo Coming Early Next Year

Sources have revealed to Game Informer Online that there will be a Halo 3 demo released over Xbox Live in the first half of 2007. Obviously Microsoft hasn't revealed any details yet, but it wouldn't be too surprising if something was dropped in the second or third week of November. You know, just to mess a bit with the PlayStation 3 and Wii launches.

GI contacted Microsoft to confirm this rumor, but they responded with the usual statement that Microsoft doesn't comment about speculation or rumors.

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Capt CHAOS4470d ago

Looks forward to lots of experimentation with them there grenades again..

TheMART4470d ago

Wait a minute... The title says:

"Halo 3 Demo Coming Early Next Year"

And after that in the article:

"it wouldn’t be too surprising if something was dropped in the second or third week of November. You know, just to mess a bit with the PlayStation 3 and Wii launches."

That's not next year with me, maybe in the Chinese year counting it is ;)

But no, this Christmas I bet Gears is the thing that gets the attention, but I could see a Halo 3 demo in january/february to spice up the heat

THAMMER14470d ago

But I think this is a rumor at best. If this is true I do not think they will charge a fee. Look at all the crappy demos we get for free. And we pay $35 - $50 a year to get free demos.

I really do not see them charging for a game that is 4 aces in the hand and all the chips in the pot. Thanks for the update King Boy.

Smellslikepie4470d ago

"And we pay $35 - $50 a year to get free demos. "

No we don't. We get that for free. We only pay to play online.. and a few other things.

THAMMER14470d ago

We pay for multi player but that was not my point 100%. But thanks for your concern.

ASSASSYN 36o4470d ago

You didn`t get to play rainbow 6 vegas did you aaaaaaaaaa too bad.

gnothe14470d ago

games like that are to big for demos.they know that game will sell regardless,same with gears, why release a demo get people a chance to play it before they buy it, then a few people say its good but I wouldnt buy it, therefore they costed themselves a few sales. so no I dont think it would happen, but it would be great if it did though!

ryanjtravis4470d ago

My sentiments exactly... a demo for Halo 3 could only hurt sales, realistically. What do they have to prove? Everybody will buy this game, period.

ASSASSYN 36o4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Halo 2 sold 7 million copies I doubt a da/\/\n demo will hurt sells especially when the trailer which was the fastest downloaded and most downloaded trailer on marketplace didn`t hurt any sales. People ran out looking to make reservations though you couldn`t. This is Halo 3 you are talking about and you practically contradicted yourself buy stating everybody will buy this game period. Thats true and with a demo Everybody WILL buy this game period. Finish the Fight!

zonetrooper54470d ago

I don't think Bungie will release a demo of Halo 3 as it takes too much time and money to develop a demo and put it onto the XBLMP. I would rather have Bungie concentrate on making Halo 3 amazing, even though i would like to play a demo its not gonna happen.

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