Future bright for PS3 in NZ - Interview with PlayStation New Zealand's head, Warwick Light

PlayStation New Zealand's head, Warwick Light, tells Gerard Campbell that the future is looking bright for the console.

New Zealand has long embraced the PlayStation Nation, with around 500,000 New Zealand households owning the much-loved PlayStation 2 console. On March 23, Sony celebrated the PlayStation 3's first anniversary here. Almost 31,000 units have been bought by Kiwis.

Q: Do you think the PS3 is making a dent in the lead established by the Xbox 360?

A: "A next-generation console needs to be just that, a console that will last "a generation". As a consumer you should consider if the product you buy from a store today will serve you well in the years to come.

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Mr Playboy3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

"Q: What does it mean now for Sony Computer Entertainment?

A: "Blu-ray provides massive amounts of storage capacity for game developers to work with, which when combined with the power of the PS3 will enable more immersive games that take realism to the next level. This year we'll expect to see compelling new levels of interactivity made possible with Blu-ray, which will further promote interest and take-up of the format. "

I didn't see any advantage the bluray got over the DVD (games only)

In fact,all the multiplatform games runs much better in the xbox360

still no proof $ony if the bluray is needed or not , let us see the power of the PS3, I hope we can see it soon

RioZen3853d ago

what you seem to forget is one important factor

Multi-plat games must be designed to run on MULTIPLE platforms,

when there are 2 platforms of obvious different potential the devs must allow the same game to run the exact same way across the board on both systems.

Because of this, we see limitations such as

SPACE!. A dvd can only hold SO MUCH data. if the Multi-plat game in question wants to be 30 gigs worth of data it needs media capable of that.

Now what we see this gen is XBOX 360 on DVD and ps3 on Bluray.
now because of xbox 360 and its stupid decision for DVD media ANY multi-plat game CAN only hold as much as the xbox 360's DVD can hold

Because DVD is so low in space devs have no choice but to limit there games data because of it, and the results are games on the ps3 that dont push the system to its full potential.

2008 WILL prove Ps3 and bluray's potential with the simple factor of Space on the media alone.