7 New HD Videos From LAIR

6 gameplay videos from Sony's PS3 Gamer's Day event held on Oct. 19, 2006 and 1 video intervew.

The gameplay videos show the complete host of features this game is packed with, from tutorial of Sixaxis controller to flying in the vast seamless gameworld, from Hijacking an enemy dragon to fighting off Tauros and knights in on-ground battles all done in seamless transition from air to ground control.

A culmination of cutting-edge technology is also on display here from procedural ocean waves, fire effects, smoke and volumetric clouds to simulated cloth, dynamic lighting and literally hundreds of swords and arrows weilding soldiers engaging in full-on battle with the dragon interactively right on screen at the pace of a very steady frame-rate. These videos are a must-see to really appreciate the potential of Sony's next-gen machine so early in development.

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BrotherSic4466d ago

Looking good but all the footage I have seen of this game seems the same. Is the entire game just flying a dragon and atacking certain objectives?

Siesser4466d ago

All they've ever shown of the game is that one level attacking the bridge-like structure. I'm assuming that the entirity of the game will involve missions of one sort or another revolving around you riding your dragon and killing things; that's the point of the whole game. I mean, that's how any flight game usually works.

Bhai4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

...among the 7(if you want to download just 1 and see the most) is the one titled "FAST FLYING". It features flying under the bridge as well and detail on each stone is just breath-taking. I've always thought of LAIR as the medieval WarHawk, but the fact is that the procedural ocean down below is even more spectacular than WarHawk with big tidal waves as well.

Another jaw-dropping aspect of the game is that with all those calculations running on fire, wind, clouds, water, HDR-light, cloth and flight simulations really showing CELL at work there is that staggering number of knights that you see there, there are over 2000 knights on that bridge far surpassing anything ever been done before. See the video titled "Mounting The Dragon", the giant door is opened and there are all those knights as far as you can see. This is just unbelievable to see so early in development in launch window of PS3, for 99-nights came on 360 after 8 months of its launch and was worked upon so long on the dev-kits also...and even when that game had none of those procedural or simulation calculations done in there(none procedural in any 360 game anyway) neither it featured a seamless world, it still had hard time delivering even 1000 characters on-screen with a hope-less drop in frame-rate.

Antan4466d ago

Looking decent, but again lets just hold back on the superlatives till we see more of the game.

Bebedora4466d ago

Thinking here: If I as a knight not only can jump off that dragon but to enter a complex of some sort, fighting with swords and magic. That would be a game mix made in heaven. :)

There are some sick gfx tricks in this product I have hard to understand doable (The ammount of everything at once, for example).
Antan: I am with you about it's too soon to make a final call of how good it is, if you havent played it or seen more than videos of it. I think that I will have to feel this game with a sixaxis and see if there is some varity in it before making final judgement (Which I THINK will be nothing but 'amazing'). And making slurs at comment. The devs of 99N should be the ones taking the hit in a greater degree maybe.

videl4466d ago

this games is totally fantastic !

PS3 Ultimate4466d ago

The game looks incredible! The dev in the interview kinda sounds like Tony Montana from Scarface XD!But he's really cool. Did you hear that 360 fans?! He said this game can ONLY be possible, on The PLAYSTATION 3, which says that the PLAYSTATION 3's CPU is more powerful! End of story! Just give up! I bet u there will be 360 fanboys coming in here and talking crap! I can sense it! lmfao!

Siesser4466d ago

I believe he very clearly indicated that the "only" meant that only the PS3 could combine the graphics and control scheme of the game; not that the PS3's CPU was more powerful. The closest he came to knocking 360 was saying that it had "some HD capabilities." Seeing as no one seems to really know what those capablities are, I think you're reading too much into things.

no_more_heroes4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

Why do people use that argument all the time? I don't get it. If something is specifically tailored for one thing, then of course its not gonna run as well on the other. It was made specifically for it! If a developer designs a game with only one system in mind, especially if he utilizes the console's strengths creatively, then of course its not going to run well on the other system, BECAUSE IT WASN'T MADE FOR THAT SYSTEM!! Games made specifically for the PS3 would not work as good on the 360, and vice versa. It all comes down to the developers and how well they can utilize the system they develop for. Example, I thought the ps2 was underpowered and was supposed to have horrible graphics because of that. Would you think that now? The ps2 is severely underpowered compared to the xbox, but the ps2's most recent games look extremely close to the xbox's games (I also notice that the looks and animations of character faces in ps2 games are better than the xbox).