PSX Extreme: Alpha Protocol Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "In the world of spy games, there just isn't enough of them lately. You can lump Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell into the category, but they aren't quite James Bond-ish enough to be considered espionage (although the original Metal Gear Solid was). So here comes Sega with another new intellectual property up their sleeves, and it's called Alpha Protocol - a game that gets its name from the same term used to describe an agent who's on underground missions, working off the grid.

This one stars a character named Michael Thorton. He is a young'n, a newcomer to the world of espionage, and his inexperience is demonstrated in full force when a mission of his goes wrong. And thus you pilot this newborn spy and walk him through the ranks to mold him into the best damn spy possible."

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LinuxGuru3851d ago

Ooohhh.....this game's got me pumped....almost seems TOO amitious, but if they can do it....more power to them.

Considering it's an action / rpg like Mass Effect, we PS3-owners better not get the 12-hour treatment....we better get a full-fledged, full-length RPG dammit!

Fill that damned Blu-ray, Obsidian!

yanikins1113851d ago

To full size large pizza's. And games.

stuntman_mike3851d ago

this game is sounding to good to be true!