Mozilla: Performance and Stability Update to Weave Prototype

Mozilla writes:

"Weave is a Mozilla Labs project to explore the blending of the desktop and the Web through deeper integration of the browser with online services.

Today we're releasing an update to the core data synchronization components of Weave in preparation for the introduction of data sharing and third-party APIs.

Major Updates and Features

* Significant reworking and strengthening of core synchronization architecture, improving robustness and overall responsiveness.
* AES (Rijndael) encryption is now used by default for all user data.
(Note: external calls to OpenSSL are being used temporarily while we continue to work on extending NSS to support the necessary functionality.)
* Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) back-end implemented in preparation for the introduction of data sharing capabilities.
* Support for the new Firefox 3 native JSON parser for security, speed, and reliability.
* Synchronization of browser history data is now based on visits rather than URLs.
* Enhanced logging and debugging tools.

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