PSN Store Gets Mature Section

Daniel Bright of The Bitbag writes, "Now, here's the strange part: There will be a 'Mature' section. That's right. Adult movies as well as Mature rated games and other content will be accessible from this section. It's the only part of the store that isn't readily available, however. When you attempt to access this portion of the store, you're taken to a sign up page. On this page you are to submit various information to Sony to help verify your age."

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sonarus3853d ago

April fools needs to end:(

fenderputty3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )


BTW ... I agree with you. lol

On a side note, my GF played a good trick on me today. She packed me a lunch and put everything I hate in it. It's full of peas, olives and hardboiled eggs.

Nolando3853d ago

man thats not an aprils fools... that just downright mean :(

although i do love hardboiled eggs :)

but yeah due to this PS3 sells will increase 110% frickin pervs.

fenderputty3853d ago

I'm open with my food though and like almost everything. LOL she literally put everything I hate in there except for Mayo.

rCrysis3853d ago

Sony would need to verify everyone of the million PSN users that will want the access to the mature section.

sonarus3853d ago

verification probably won't be too hard especially with a credit card attached to your account. I doubt movies are coming to the new ps store at launch.

rCrysis3853d ago

thats true. but what happens to those without a registered credit card? (including me). if the people who really are 18 want access would they have to include a credit card?

well this is all speculation. no harm or bitterness to you.

if Sony is planning to make a mature section with movies and such etc, etc that absolutely NEEDS a credit card information. They could be making section?

all in all. this is mere speculation. i totally dont think sony would include some sort of adult section. but, there are possibilities.

TapiocaMilkTea3853d ago

would be enough. Possibly nothing's free in the mature section, then there's no point for you to access it without one.

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The story is too old to be commented.