Bungie's April Fools Day Joke

Nice in-game joke from Bungie in Halo 3.

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BigKev454248d ago


Engineer4248d ago

I believe it's "Whack"

Nice button pressing though.

wageslave4248d ago

Yeah, totally whack. Like funny. Yes.

LJWooly4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

That was pretty lame, it looks more like Darth Vader anyways...

EDIT: I just realised it's not Master chief, it's "Mister chief". My mistake.

Not the Face4248d ago

you saying you could DRAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW it better? better than nothing, at least its cute.

Extra Guy4248d ago

Hehe what i find interesting is how this became the top story just because it had Halo and Bungie in it. Even though it only has a few comments, and especially when compared to a couple of the other stories. I guess however it is relevant because of the date, which may have given it some more ammo. It's nice that they did an Aprils fool thing, even something simple deserves credit.

wageslave4248d ago

One day a year, everyone tries to have a light heart and sense of humour.

Why dont you try not taking things so seriously. Relax on the fanwars for _one_ day.

Extra Guy4248d ago

WTF i said i was happy, i do have a sense of humor and i do know the date. No i found it genuinely funny how this story made it to the top over others.

Extra Guy4248d ago

Why do so many people agree with him?! For Christ's sake it's not like i'm a grinch or something.

Extra Guy4248d ago

Okay who ever disagreed to that was just mean, leave me alone *sits in corner staring at screen*

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The story is too old to be commented.