PSX Extreme: WALL-E Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "In the world of animation, Pixar can do no wrong. Over the past few years they've given us a fish with heart, cute cars, and made us fall in love with a rat. Now, they're putting the finishing touches on their all new adventure, and this one stars a robot by the name of WALL-E. As with all of Pixar's films, a videogame adaptation comes right along with it, and THQ will once again publish it, thanks to an exclusivity contract.

The story of WALL-E revolves around the little robot that was left on an abandoned Earth, after it had been evacuated by everyone. WALL-E is a waste management robot, as his name is actually an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class. As the humans fled Earth, everything was shutdown, except for WALL-E. All alone on the Earth for hundreds of years, WALL-E develops a 'glitch' of sorts - a personality. He discovers that there is more to life than being a mindless drone."

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LinuxGuru4246d ago

Hell yeah this will make a f*cking awesome movie....but the game....I don't really have much faith in that particular aspect of WALL-E