EndWar! PS3 no port

"Please don't make a crappy PS3 port!" According to Guillaume Brunier, Producer for the PlayStation 3 version of EndWar. This seems to be the unanimous out cry from PS3 faithfuls. So his team at Ubisoft are answering the call. Upping the ante by making sure the game is fab for the console on day one. According to Guillaume on an IGN Blog; the title will use some PS3 exclusive features, such as it's sixaxis motion control. More after the jump.

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yanikins1113856d ago

Ubisoft....NO! NO 6AXIS. Gimmicks are cool for some games. But when I'm laying waste to an entire continent i dont need gimmicks. Spend the time doing something useful.

Ghoul3855d ago

off course sixaxis

use it in everygame BUT offer an alternate method of input for those who dont feel like using sixaxis

sonarus3855d ago

lol this is almost confirmation that ps3 version will be gimped slightly. Regardless though RTS aint my thing

harv7113855d ago

The sixaxis isn't a gimmick. I personally enjoy it in some games. Why don't you give it a try, you might like it too :P

SL1M DADDY3855d ago

Agreed. I like it when they implament the SIXAXIS well. I loved it in R&C, Uncharted and now in Dark Sector when you aftertouch the Glaive. When done right it sure makes for some subtle fun added to the game.

yanikins1113855d ago

Lair: Fail (and ruined game imo)
Motorstorm : Fun gimmick but added nothing to game
Uncharted: Fail and only part i dont like about the game
Warhawk: Fail
Skate: No thanks

Sure it hasnt made (most) of these games any worse, but i just dont see it as a useful feature. This is just my opinion, but if they spent another few weeks tweaking the game it would have more benefits than trying to implement a control option that might seem forced. TOD and Dark sector are on my list of games to buy so maybe my opinion might change. Sometimes i just wanna bum around and play games. Not move. Anyway this is just me

harv7113855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

"Lair: Fail (and ruined game imo)
Motorstorm : Fun gimmick but added nothing to game
Uncharted: Fail and only part i don't like about the game
Warhawk: Fail
Skate: No thanks"

Now if you have played them then correct me, as I believe in everyones right to have an opinion, but saying it's a gimmick to me is a failed argument by someone who has never given the sixaxis controls a try. Now I won't argue about Lair, although I personally didn't mind the controls, but I will argue with you about the controls being a failure on Warhawk.

It does take time to master the controls, but however you move the controller is how the Warhawk will move in game. I have played Warhawk this way since day 1. And being able to use the analog stick to move your gun sites is a big advantage. I will say that at first using the sixaxis seems unnatural, and it DOES take a while to master. But now that I'm used to playing Warhawk with using the sixaxis, I don't think I could go back to using the analog controls.

I would put this like to a lesser extent when someone inverts the Y axis. Thats how I play all my games, and since I started playing with the Y axis inverted, I can't play with them not inverted. It drives me crazy, where as my friends I play with, can't stand with the controls being inverted.

Some of the most fun I've had in gaming recently was in Heavenly Sword, the chapters where you are using Kai's bow. I really got into it shooting those assassins on that bridge trying to save Nariko's father. A couple of times I almost fell off the couch trying to hit the mark, lol but that might be more that I'm a clutz :P

I will agree playing with the sixaxis enabled or not is definatly a matter of choice, but saying they are failed controls, I believe is a failed argument. I personally was amazed at how good the sixaxis controls were when I first played them in Warhawk. I'm not saying that it's for everybody, but I strongly disagree that the sixaxis is a failed control system/gimmick.

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ar3855d ago

"The main challenge is to adapt the game architecture, which was thought for the 3 cores of the X360, to the Cell and its SPUs."
Sounds like a port to me.

Fishy Fingers3855d ago

Sounds exactly like a port. So expect a host of glitches and bugs. Oh hold on, it's an Ubisoft game, expect them anyway.

Will i be able to use a mouse on the 360? RTS and controllers are terrible.

Anything but Cute3855d ago

We all know the PS3 version is gonna have washed out graphics and terrible frame rates, and not to mention a terrible control scheme.

The XBOX 360 version will be great however, pure AAA gold.

Like always, hahaha!

Ali_The_Brit3855d ago

april fools! your really what are you talking about thats all symtoms for the 360 version

DailyAddict3855d ago

Still sounds like a port. It sounds like they are trying their best to make it sound like they are actually building a game properly for PS3, but unfortunately, like most devs, the added costs/time associated with PS3 development probably just aren't worth it to them so I expect to not see anything different here.

Mouse...would be surprised, but doubtful.

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