Square Enix "Project Rapture" MMO Screenshots Leaked?

Rare screenshots from Square-Enix's highly anticipated next-generation MMORPG have been released exclusively on

The screenshots, showing scenes from the upcoming game known only as Project Rapture, were leaked to the Final Fantasy XI Online staff by a source close to the game's development team. Despite the low quality of the images, the screenshots speak for themselves.

Details are scarce at this time, but has confirmed Project Rapture will implement Square Enix's Crystal Tools graphics engine. The game is planned to be released for the Xbox360, the Playstation 3 and for PCs using the Windows Vista operating system.

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rCrysis4761d ago

april fools

looks like XII in HD

Blasphemy4761d ago

Actually I think it looks like XI. This is so bad of a fake considering the source.

Skerj4761d ago

Are there any Vierra in XI?

RaidrX4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

No there aren't any Viera in FFXI, although you could do some dat swaps with a mithra, or even an elvaan, pretty easily to make one. The environments look nicer than they do in FFXI but you could do that in photoshop pretty easy. Also your bow doesn't stay on your back in FFXI, but you could probably do a dat swap w/ that too.

Honestly the pictures are really crappy quality to say one way or the other and I don't get whats up with the crappy crop jobs on them. The only thing that i think is kinda whack about them is the size of the chocobos in the bottom left corner picture. In ffxi the taru chocos are tiny compared to the hume/elv chocos and the mithra ones are somewhat inbetween which looks like the case in that ss. And although I havent played FFXII, iirc the viera are bigger than humes so shouldn't there chocos be alot bigger as well? It could be the angle but thats just me.

The other thing i don't get is that they've already released pictures of the game (check the games wiki or google it up) which was nice quality and all that jazz, so why put these "secret" blurry, poorly cropped ones out?

tl;dr who really cares. It might be legit, it might be fake (still not april fools) but the pictures are crappy and don't really show anything anyways.

TitanUp4761d ago

whats up with all this crap

Iamback4761d ago

This is proof that Americans are idiots. I have been on internet for 30 minutes and all i have been reading are fake lying stories and than classic comments "Ahh Aprils fools joke" etc. Get a life! Why even bother to write fake stuff, and even worse approve it!?
I am gone for today.

Fishy Fingers4761d ago

All news today must be taken with a grain of salt, especially any good news.

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