PSX Extreme: Golden Axe: Beast Rider Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Golden Axe. Now there's a name you haven't heard in ages. It's been 17 years since we got our last Golden Axe game, and it was Golden Axe II for the Sega Genesis. There was a Golden Axe III, but it never saw light in the US, unless you count the five people who downloaded it via Sega Channel. There have been spin-offs, and a number of poor ports and remakes, one even released by Sega for their Sega-Ages compilation. Well, it's been two years since Sega made it official that a new Golden Axe would be arriving for next-gen systems, and we should be seeing it sometime this Fall.

Golden Axe: Beast Rider is the name of the newest entry, and its sub-title says a lot about one of the new focuses of the game. First thing's first, Tyris Flare, the female warrior from the original Golden Axe, is your primary character. As you can imagine, she'll possess the abilities to wield some gigantic swords and axes, and put them to damn good use. Melee combat will feature finisher moves, as well as some gruesome attacks that'll leave enemies dismembered."

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