Violence can be a "very useful tool to tell your story" if used correctly says Jenova Chen

Thatgamecompany's games aren't necessarily ones you would associate with violence. In a recent interview, designer Jenova Chen pointed out that no one appeared offended by his game's use of violence because it was used to better tell a story and that "a world without conflict is very hard to render to be real."

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_FantasmA_2120d ago

I love violence :)

Not in real life, just games and movies. Why? Because I know that watching a movie about cannibals is just that. A movie. I have never been tempted to try any of the sick stuff I watch. I watch the worst movies you could possibly think of just so that in case something like that does happen in real life, it won't even phase me.

Donnieboi2120d ago

Glad to see that Chen isn't limiting himself.