FFXIII Playable Demo In Last Remnant, FFVII PS3 Remake CONFIRMED

Square-Enix has got something huge planned for The Last Remnant: a 22-minute playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII, plus undisputed confirmation of a Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS3! It's embedded somewhere in The Last Remnant...

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smart_head3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )


...if true, of course.

silent_spectator123948d ago

Indeed! Can't wait for FFXIII.

The FFVII remake is a bit unbelievable, though. I sure hope it's not some April fools joke.

SPARTAAN3948d ago

why the hell does every good news come on april 1st

kevoncox3948d ago

What's not to beleive...
A credible website like PSX extreme says"

we will get undisputed confirmation that the long-awaited and oft-speculated-upon Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS3 will arrive in 2009!

So you get that....This is confirmation what we will get to break a secrect code that no one knowns about that will confirm their confirmation.


Douche3948d ago

For one, the Last Remnant ordeal has been rumored for a long time now and would be a logical way to promote FFXIII. And besides, this article was published March 31, 2008. Only a [email protected] would screw up an "April" Fools joke that easily.

Daurelus173948d ago

So this was posted at 12. Wow so April Fools Anyone
as much as i wish it were tru i can believe it unless it gets posted with more details on another day

ruibing3948d ago

Please please please don't be an April's fool joke.

sonarus3948d ago

@kevoncox no need to be so pessimistic. It is still April fools guys but regardless if it happens expect a lot of joy from gamers

Amanosenpai3948d ago

Yea wathever... cause of crap like this one we dont celebrate the AF day here in Mexico lol ^^

Alvadr3948d ago

look at the date of the article 31/03/08. no april fools here

Timesplitter143948d ago

hmmmm the date of the article is 3/31/2008 so who knows! MAAAAAAYBE, with the help of a little magic and dreams, it can be real....

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BlackIceJoe3948d ago

All I can say is please don't be an April Fools joke.

crazy250003948d ago

that would be pretty sh!tty!!

rogimusprime3948d ago

kind of pathetic for an april fools joke. Preying on the hopes of fanboys everywhere while you get off typing some bs story. I will gladly eat my words if this is true, but its such an obvious ap joke it hurts.

INehalemEXI3948d ago

Thats what i was thinking. Not the first time its been said that Last Remnant would pack an FF13 Demo though.

Statix3948d ago

You actually think there's a chance this ISN'T an April Fool's joke?

chaosatom3333948d ago

I am going to take a day off then.

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Harry1903948d ago

wow,friend you start April with a're going to be on top.
This is superhot news.great news.

gEnKiE3948d ago

I'm sorry, but this has to be an April fools is the 1st and now I will no longer visit that site.... :(

crazy250003948d ago

will definitely pre-order these =)

i need rpg games

Jack Bauer3948d ago

sounds too good to be true... april fools?